MergeRequest Represents a request to merge a pull request, intended to allow MergeRequestChecks to validate the intended merge and, potentially, veto(String, String) it. 
MergeRequestCheck Used to enforce a specific precondition for a merge operation. 
MergeRequestCheckService A service that checks preconditions for pull request merges by applying MergeRequestChecks, which can be supplied by plugins, to determine whether merges should performed. 
MinimalPullRequest Describes a minimal com.atlassian.stash.pull.PullRequest pull request, providing only the ID, version and PullRequestRef refs. 
PluginPullRequestCommandFactory2 This interface is deprecated. in 3.7 for removal in 4.0. In 4.0 this interface's methods will be folded into PluginPullRequestCommandFactory and become a mandatory part of the SCM contract.  
RepositoryRescopeContext Provides a context for SCMs to perform rescope calculations and update affected pull requests when a repository is updated.