@Deprecated public interface


implements ContentTreeCallback
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Class Overview

ContentTreeCallback2 replaces onTreeNode(String, String, ContentTreeNode.Type) with onTreeNode(ContentTreeNode). This adds support for Submodule nodes and simplifies adding further new types later if necessary.

Note: This interface is transitional and will be folded back into ContentTreeCallback in Stash 3.0. Implementors are strongly encouraged to extend from AbstractContentTreeCallback. This interface will change over time, and any class implementing it directly will be broken by such changes. Extending from the abstract class will help minimize such breakages.


Public Methods
boolean onTreeNode(ContentTreeNode node)
Called once for each path in the tree.
Inherited Methods
From interface com.atlassian.stash.content.ContentTreeCallback

Public Methods

public boolean onTreeNode (ContentTreeNode node)

Called once for each path in the tree. onStartPage(int) is called before any invocation of this method. onEndPage(Page) is called after all invocations of this method.

node the current tree node
  • true if additional nodes should be provided; otherwise, false if the provided node should be the last
IOException may be thrown by implementations which perform I/O operations, such as streaming tree nodes