BuiltinHookHandlerFactory Factory for HookHandler that Stash ships with. 
HookRequestHandle A handle on the hook request which provides the required information to make a successful callback to Stash via their hook callback socket 
HookService A service which handles the management of hook requests. 
PostReceiveHook Hook that is called just after a push request is completed. 
PreReceiveHook Hook that is called just before a push request is completed. 


BaseScmHookModuleDescriptor<T> Base implementation for scm hook module descriptor. 
HookUtils Utility methods for configuring processes, whether using Java's ProcessBuilder or Atlassian Process Utils, to execute pre-receive and post-receive hooks. 
PostReceiveHookModuleDescriptor Module descriptor for PostReceiveHook
PreReceiveHookModuleDescriptor Module descriptor for PreReceiveHook