BatchResource Interface for plugin resources that serve batches. 
PluginResource Represents a plugin resource. 
PluginResourceLocator Assists in locating plugin resources in different ways. 
ResourceBatchingConfiguration Resource batching configuration for the WebResourceManagerImpl
WebResourceFilter An interface for filtering web resources. 
WebResourceIntegration The integration layer between Plugin's Web Resource Handler, and specific applications (eg JIRA, Confluence). 
WebResourceManager Manage 'css', 'javascript' and other 'resources' that are usually linked at the top of pages using <script> and <link> tags. 
WebResourceManager.IncludeMode This interface is deprecated. Since 2.2  
WebResourceUrlProvider Provides the prefixes a 'system' static resource as well as the base url of the application to be used as a prefix for other web resources. 


BatchPluginResource Represents a batch of plugin resources. 
BatchSubResource Represents a plugin resource that is a subordinate of a batch. 
ContextBatchSubResourceBuilder Provides a fallback to serve resources relative to a context batch resource In practice, the resources url should be transformed via the {{com.atlassian.plugin.webresource.RelativeURLTransformResource}}. 
DefaultResourceBatchingConfiguration Default configuration for the plugin resource locator, for those applications that do not want to perform any super-batching. 
DefaultWebResourceFilter A Web Resource Filter that allows for css and javascript resources. 
PluginResourceLocatorImpl Default implementation of PluginResourceLocator
SingleDownloadableResourceBuilder Constructs a single resource for download 
SinglePluginResource Represents a single plugin resource. 
SuperBatchPluginResource Creates a batch of all like-typed resources that are declared as "super-batch="true"" in their plugin definitions. 
SuperBatchSubResourceBuilder Provides a fallback to serve resources relative to a super batch resource In practice, the resources url should be transformed via the {{com.atlassian.plugin.webresource.RelativeURLTransformResource}}. 
WebResourceManagerImpl A handy super-class that handles most of the resource management. 
WebResourceModuleDescriptor A way of linking to web 'resources', such as javascript or css. 
WebResourceTransformation Represents a set of transformer invocations for a specific web resource set and extension. 
WebResourceUrlProviderImpl The default implementation of WebResourceUrlProvider


UrlMode A formatting mode for URLs. 


UrlParseException An UrlParseException is thrown when a web resource url cannot be parsed correctly.