ConditionalDescriptor A simple interface implemented by any descriptors that support display conditions. 
ConditionElementParser.ConditionFactory Creates a condition. 
ContextAware Makes a plugin module aware of its Velocity context. 
WebFragmentModuleDescriptor<T> A convenience interface for web fragment descriptors  
WebItemModuleDescriptor A web-item plugin adds extra links to a particular section. 

The web panel module declares a single web panel in atlassian-plugin.xml. 

WebSectionModuleDescriptor A web-section plugin adds extra sections to a particular location. 
WeightedDescriptor A simple interface implemented by any weighted descriptors. 


AbstractWebFragmentModuleDescriptor<T> An abstract convenience class for web fragment descriptors. 
ConditionElementParser This class contains the logic for constructing Condition objects from a module descriptor's XML element. 
DefaultAbstractWebFragmentModuleDescriptor<T> Wrapper for WebFragmentModuleDescriptor, so that it could be extended by application specific wrappers to provide additional methods. 
DefaultWebItemModuleDescriptor Represents a pluggable link. 

The web panel module declares a single web panel in atlassian-plugin.xml. 

DefaultWebSectionModuleDescriptor Represents a web section - that is a collection of web items. 
WebPanelRendererModuleDescriptor The web panel renderer module is used to add web panel renderers to the plugin system. 
WeightedDescriptorComparator A simple comparator for any weighted descriptor - lowest weights first.