WaitUntil.WaitCondition The condition to determine when to stop waiting  


Assertions Design by contract assertions. 
ChainingClassLoader A class loader that delegates to a list of class loaders. 
ClassLoaderStack This utility provides a thread local stack of ClassLoaders. 
ClassLoaderUtils This class is extremely useful for loading resources and classes in a fault tolerant manner that works across different applications servers. 
ClassUtils Class utility methods  
ContextClassLoaderSwitchingUtil Utility to run Runnable implementations in a different ClassLoader. 
EfficientStringUtils String utility methods designed for memory / cpu efficiency  
JavaVersionUtils A simple utility for comparing a java version number to the running version. 
LastModifiedHandler This class is deprecated. Since 2.0.0, use LastModifiedHandler  
PluginFrameworkUtils General utility functions for plugin framework. 
PluginUtils General plugin utility methods 
VersionStringComparator Compares dotted version strings of varying length. 
WaitUntil Utility methods for synchronising on asynchronous processes