ContentTypeResolver Looks up content types for URL paths in an application-specific way. 
DownloadableResource Represents a plugin resource that can be downloaded. 
ServletContextFactory A factory for providing access to a ServletContext. 
ServletModuleManager The ServletModuleManager is responsible for servlets and filters - and their servlet contexts - defined in plugins. 


DefaultServletModuleManager A simple servletModuleManager to track and retrieve the loaded servlet plugin modules. 
DelegatingPluginServlet We are wrapping the plugins servlet in another servlet so that we can set some things up before the plugins servlet is called. 
DownloadableClasspathResource A DownloadableResource that will serve the resource from the plugin. 
DownloadableWebResource A DownloadableResource that will serve the resource via the web application's ServletContext. 
ForwardableResource A DownloadableResource that simply forwards the request to the given location. 
PluginHttpRequestWrapper A request wrapper for requests bound for servlets declared in plugins. 
PluginHttpSessionWrapper Wraps a HttpSession for consumption by OSGi plugins in order to workaround Weblogic problems caused by setting different Context ClassLoaders. 
PluginResourceDownload A downloadable plugin resource, as described here: It supports the download of single plugin resources as well as batching. 
PluginServletConfig Instances of the PluginServletConfig are passed to plugins servlet Servlet init() method. 
PluginServletContextWrapper A wrapper around servlet context that allows plugin servlets to add attributes which will not be shared/clobbered by other plugins. 
ResourceUrlParser This class is deprecated. Since 2.2  
ServletModuleContainerServlet Applications need to create a concrete subclass of this for use in their webapp. 


DownloadException An exception was encountered while trying to write a resource to the client.