AutowireCapablePlugin This interface is deprecated. Since 2.5.0, use ContainerManagedPlugin instead. getContainerAccessor provides access to the container.  
PluginAccessor Allows access to the current plugin system state  
PluginArtifact Allows the retrieval of files and/or an input stream of a plugin artifact. 
PluginArtifactBackedPlugin Applied to Plugin implementations which are produced by PluginFactorys that are backed by PluginArtifact
PluginArtifactFactory Creates a plugin artifact from a URL 
PluginController Interface to control the state of the plugin system  
PluginInstaller A place to store plugins which can be installed and uninstalled. 
PluginManager This interface is deprecated. since 2006-09-26 the preferred technique is to use the interfaces that this on e extends directly. 
PluginSystemLifecycle Controls the life-cycle of the plugin system. 
RevertablePluginInstaller A type of PluginInstaller that supports reverting plugin artifacts installed during the current running. 
StateAware Makes a plugin or plugin module aware of its activation state. 


DefaultModuleDescriptorFactory Default implementation of a descriptor factory that allows filtering of descriptor keys  
DefaultPluginArtifactFactory Creates plugin artifacts by handling URI's that are files and looking at the file's extension 
DefaultPluginManager This class is deprecated. Since 2.2.0, use DefaultPluginManager instead  
JarPluginArtifact The implementation of PluginArtifact that is backed by a jar file. 
PluginAccessor.Descriptor The plugin descriptor file. 
Resources An aggregate of all resource descriptors within the given plugin module or plugin. 
XmlPluginArtifact An XML plugin artifact that is just the atlassian-plugin.xml file 


AutowireCapablePlugin.AutowireStrategy The autowire strategy to use when creating and wiring a bean  
PluginRestartState The state of the plugin after restart. 
PluginState Represents the state of the plugin 


IllegalPluginStateException Thrown when a plugin operation has been attempted when the plugin is in an incompatible state. 
PluginException Generic plugin exception. 
PluginParseException Parse plugin exception - thrown from code which must parse a plugin.