ContainerAccessor The ContainerAccessor allows access to the underlying plugin container (e.g. 
ContainerManagedPlugin A plugin that is managed by a container 
ModuleFactory The ModuleFactory creates the module class of a ModuleDescriptor
PrefixModuleFactory A module factory that is matched when its prefix is matched, and therefore, relies an a delegating module factory that determines the prefix somehow. 


ClassPrefixModuleFactory The ClassModuleFactory creates a java bean for the given module class by using either the plugins container or the hostcontainer, depending if the plugin implements ContainerManagedPlugin
HostContainerLegacyAdaptor Legacy module factory that uses the deprecated AutowireCapablePlugin interface 
LegacyModuleFactory Legacy module factory that provides module classes for descriptors that aren't using an injected ModuleFactory 
PrefixDelegatingModuleFactory The default implementation of a ModuleFactory


ModuleClassNotFoundException If a module class could not be found