Main interface to the plugins framework providing a facade to hide the unnecessary internals.

To use the facade, construct a PluginsConfiguration instance using the PluginsConfigurationBuilder builder class. Then, pass that instance into the constructor for the AtlassianPlugins class, and call AtlassianPlugins.start(). For example:

 PluginsConfiguration config = new PluginsConfigurationBuilder()
    .setPluginDirectory(new File("/my/plugin/directory"))
    .setPackagesToInclude("org.apache.*", "com.atlassian.*", "org.dom4j*")
 final AtlassianPlugins plugins = new AtlassianPlugins(config);

This code ensures only packages from Atlassian, Apache, and Dom4j are exposed to plugins. See the PluginsConfigurationBuilder for more options.


PluginsConfiguration Configuration for the Atlassian Plugins Framework. 


AtlassianPlugins Facade interface to the Atlassian Plugins framework. 
HotDeployer A simple class that starts a hot deploy thread for scanning for new plugins 
Main Simple standalone class for starting the plugin framework. 
PackageScannerConfigurationBuilder The builder for PackageScannerConfiguration instances that additionally performs validation and default creation. 
PluginsConfigurationBuilder The builder for PluginsConfiguration instances that additionally performs validation and default creation.