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AbstractDelegatingPlugin Delegating plugin that supports easy wrapping Note: this class has a natural ordering that is inconsistent with equals 
AbstractStringTransformedDownloadableResource This class is deprecated. since 2.9.0 use CharSequenceDownloadableResource instead  
AbstractTransformedDownloadableResource Abstract class for implementing downloadable resources that are wrapping an underlying resource as part of a WebResourceTransformer implementation. 
AbstractWebFragmentModuleDescriptor<T> An abstract convenience class for web fragment descriptors. 
AbstractWebItem Represents web items that can be rendered using velocity, and inject its own context using the ContextProvider  
AddBundleOverridesStage Adds bundle instruction overrides from the plugin descriptor to be later used in the manifest generation process. 
AlternativeDirectoryResourceLoader Loads resources from directories configured via the system property plugin.resource.directories, which should be a comma-delimited list of file paths that contain resources to load. 
AlternativeResourceLoader An alternative resource loader for use by plugins that wish to also support loading resources outside the usual resource loading of the particular plugin type. 
AlwaysDisplayCondition Always show a web link. 
AnnotationListenerMethodSelector Listener method selector that looks for a specific marker annotation  
ApplicationContextPreProcessor Hook to customize the spring application context before it is populated 
Assertions Design by contract assertions. 
AtlassianPlugins Facade interface to the Atlassian Plugins framework. 
AutowireCapablePlugin This interface is deprecated. Since 2.5.0, use ContainerManagedPlugin instead. getContainerAccessor provides access to the container.  
AutowireCapablePlugin.AutowireStrategy The autowire strategy to use when creating and wiring a bean  
AvailableToPlugins Annotation for Spring beans which are made available to OSGi plugin components If a Class is specified, then the bean is exposed only as that class -- otherwise it is exposed as all interfaces it implements. 


BaseServletModuleDescriptor<T> Acts as a base for other servlet type module descriptors to inherit. 
BatchPluginResource Represents a batch of plugin resources. 
BatchResource Interface for plugin resources that serve batches. 
BatchSubResource Represents a plugin resource that is a subordinate of a batch. 
BeanPrefixModuleFactory The SpringBeanModuleFactory creates a java bean for the given module class by resolving the name to spring bean reference. 
BridgeActivator Registers services for bridging Spring events with the plugin event system 
BundleClassLoaderAccessor Utility methods for accessing a bundle as if it was a classloader. 
BundledPluginLoader Plugin loader that can find plugins via a single URL, and treats all plugins loaded from the directory as bundled plugins, meaning they can can be upgraded, but not deleted. 
BytesUrlConnection URL connection from a byte array  
BytesUrlStreamHandler URL stream handler of a byte array  


CannotDisable Marks ModuleDescriptor implementations that cannot be disabled. 
ChainingClassLoader A class loader that delegates to a list of class loaders. 
ChainModuleDescriptorFactory Module descriptor factory that checks multiple factories in sequence. 
CharSequenceDownloadableResource Abstract class that makes it easy to create transforms that go from string to string. 
ClassBinaryScanner Contains all the utility methods and classes for scanning class file binary. 
ClassBinaryScanner.InputStreamResource InputStream-based resource for class scanning purpose (in the format required by bndlib). 
ClassBinaryScanner.ScanResult Contains the result of class binary scanning. 
ClassLoaderStack This class is deprecated. Moved to atlassian-plugins-core: com.atlassian.plugin.util.ClassLoaderStack. This impl delegates to the new impl. 
ClassLoaderStack This utility provides a thread local stack of ClassLoaders. 
ClassLoaderUtils This class is extremely useful for loading resources and classes in a fault tolerant manner that works across different applications servers. 
ClasspathFilePluginMetadata Looks on the classpath for three files named:
  • application-provided-plugins.txt - used to list the plugin keys of all plugins that are provided by the host application
  • application-required-plugins.txt - used to list the plugin keys that are considered required for the application to function correctly
  • application-required-modules.txt - used to list the module keys that are considered required for the application to function correctly
Note that all files in that package space with those names will be included. 
ClassPathPluginLoader Loads plugins from the classpath  
ClassPrefixModuleFactory The ClassModuleFactory creates a java bean for the given module class by using either the plugins container or the hostcontainer, depending if the plugin implements ContainerManagedPlugin
ClassUtils Class utility methods  
ComponentImport Represents the data in a component-import tag in the plugin descriptor 
ComponentImportModuleDescriptor Module descriptor for OSGi service imports. 
ComponentImportSpringStage Transforms component imports into a Spring XML file 
ComponentModuleDescriptor<Object> Module descriptor for Spring components. 
ComponentRegistrar A registrar for capturing host components and their configuration  
ComponentSpringStage Transforms component tags in the plugin descriptor into the appropriate spring XML configuration file 
Condition Decides whether a web section or web item should be displayed  
ConditionalDescriptor A simple interface implemented by any descriptors that support display conditions. 
ConditionElementParser This class contains the logic for constructing Condition objects from a module descriptor's XML element. 
ConditionElementParser.ConditionFactory Creates a condition. 
Consumer<T> Consume the object a Supplier produces. 
ContainerAccessor The ContainerAccessor allows access to the underlying plugin container (e.g. 
ContainerManagedPlugin A plugin that is managed by a container 
ContentTypeResolver Looks up content types for URL paths in an application-specific way. 
ContextAware Makes a plugin module aware of its Velocity context. 
ContextBatchSubResourceBuilder Provides a fallback to serve resources relative to a context batch resource In practice, the resources url should be transformed via the {{com.atlassian.plugin.webresource.RelativeURLTransformResource}}. 
ContextClassLoaderStrategy The strategy for handling the context class loader for host component method invocations  
ContextClassLoaderSwitchingUtil Utility to run Runnable implementations in a different ClassLoader. 
ContextProvider Main purpose of this is to add additional context entries for the web fragment and make it available within the XML  
CopyOnWriteMap<K, V> This class is deprecated. since 2.5.0 please use the com.atlassian.util.concurrent.CopyOnWriteMap instead as it has some important features and some bug fixes. This version is no longer maintained.  


DefaultAbstractWebFragmentModuleDescriptor<T> Wrapper for WebFragmentModuleDescriptor, so that it could be extended by application specific wrappers to provide additional methods. 
DefaultComponentRegistrar Default component registrar that also can write registered host components into the OSGi service registry. 
DefaultDynamicPlugin A dynamically loaded plugin is loaded through the plugin class loader. 
DefaultHostContainer Simple host container that instantiates classes directly. 
DefaultModuleDescriptorFactory Default implementation of a descriptor factory that allows filtering of descriptor keys  
DefaultOsgiPersistentCache Default implementation of persistent cache. 
DefaultPackageScannerConfiguration Default package scanner configuration. 
DefaultPathMapper Originally opied from Atlassian Seraph 1.0

Modified to store a list of keys for a mapping rather than a single value. 
DefaultPluginArtifactFactory Creates plugin artifacts by handling URI's that are files and looking at the file's extension 
DefaultPluginEventManager Simple, synchronous event manager that uses one or more method selectors to determine event listeners. 
DefaultPluginManager This class is deprecated. Since 2.2.0, use DefaultPluginManager instead  
DefaultPluginManager This implementation delegates the initiation and classloading of plugins to a list of PluginLoaders and records the state of plugins in a PluginPersistentStateStore
DefaultPluginMetadataManager A default implementation that uses the ClasspathFilePluginMetadata plugin metadata implementation to resolve the application provided plugin metadata. 
DefaultPluginModuleTracker<M, T extends ModuleDescriptor<M>> Tracks enabled plugin module descriptors, focusing on fast reads 
DefaultPluginPersistentState Immutable implementation of the PluginPersistentState interface. 
DefaultPluginTransformer Default implementation of plugin transformation that uses stages to convert a plain JAR into an OSGi bundle. 
DefaultResourceBatchingConfiguration Default configuration for the plugin resource locator, for those applications that do not want to perform any super-batching. 
DefaultServletModuleManager A simple servletModuleManager to track and retrieve the loaded servlet plugin modules. 
DefaultSpringContainerAccessor Manages spring context access, including autowiring. 
DefaultWebIcon Represents an icon associated with an item. 
DefaultWebInterfaceManager Stores and manages flexible web interface sections available in the system. 
DefaultWebItemModuleDescriptor Represents a pluggable link. 
DefaultWebLabel A simple bean to represent labels in the web interface. 
DefaultWebLink Represents a single "href", with a variety of permutations. 

The web panel module declares a single web panel in atlassian-plugin.xml. 

DefaultWebParam Represents a sorted map of parameters. 
DefaultWebResourceFilter A Web Resource Filter that allows for css and javascript resources. 
DefaultWebSectionModuleDescriptor Represents a web section - that is a collection of web items. 
DelegatingPluginFilter We wrap the plugins filter so that we can set some things up before the plugins filter is called. 
DelegatingPluginServlet We are wrapping the plugins servlet in another servlet so that we can set some things up before the plugins servlet is called. 
DelegationClassLoader A class loader that delegates to another class loader. 
DeploymentUnit A file that is to, or has been, deployed as a plugin. 
DescriptorParser Interface for parsing a plugin descriptor file, e.g. 
DescriptorParserFactory A factory for creating descriptor parsers. 
DirectoryPluginLoader A plugin loader to load plugins from a directory on disk. 
DirectoryScanner Scans the filesystem for changed or added plugin files and stores a map of the currently known ones. 
DownloadableClasspathResource A DownloadableResource that will serve the resource from the plugin. 
DownloadableResource Represents a plugin resource that can be downloaded. 
DownloadableWebResource A DownloadableResource that will serve the resource via the web application's ServletContext. 
DownloadException An exception was encountered while trying to write a resource to the client. 
DownloadStrategyModuleDescriptor A plugin module which provides a DownloadStrategy
DynamicPlugin This interface is deprecated. since 2.2.0, use a wrapping plugin based on AbstractDelegatingPlugin instead  
DynamicPluginLoader Plugin loader that supports installed plugins at runtime  


EfficientStringUtils String utility methods designed for memory / cpu efficiency  
EmbeddedTemplateWebPanel This class is used for web panel declaration that do not have a custom class attribute in their descriptor, nor a location attribute in their resource child element. 
EnabledModuleCachingPluginAccessor A caching decorator which caches getEnabledModuleDescriptorsByClass(Class) on PluginAccessor interface. 
EnabledModulePredicate<T> A ModuleDescriptorPredicate that matches enabled modules. 
EnabledPluginPredicate A PluginPredicate that matches enabled plugins. 


FelixLoggerBridge Bridges Felix logging messages with the Commons Logging  
FelixOsgiContainerManager Felix implementation of the OSGi container manager  
FileListScanner A scanner that simply scans a given set of input files. 
FilePluginInstaller File-based implementation of a PluginInstaller which writes plugin artifact to a specified directory. 
FilterDispatcherCondition The dispatching conditions that are taken into account when deciding to match a filter. 
FilterLocation An enumeration defining the places plugin filters can appear in an applications filter stack. 
ForwardableResource A DownloadableResource that simply forwards the request to the given location. 
Function<I, O> A Function that resolves input (of type I) to output (of type O). 


GenerateManifestStage Generates an OSGi manifest if not already defined. 


HostComponentFactoryBean Simple factory bean to resolve host components. 
HostComponentProvider Defines an object that provides host components. 
HostComponentRegistration Represents a registration of a host component  
HostContainer Interface into the host application's dependency injection system. 
HostContainerLegacyAdaptor Legacy module factory that uses the deprecated AutowireCapablePlugin interface 
HotDeployer A simple class that starts a hot deploy thread for scanning for new plugins 


IllegalPluginStateException Thrown when a plugin operation has been attempted when the plugin is in an incompatible state. 
InstanceBuilder Ties a host component registration with a host component instance  
IteratingFilterChain This FilterChain passes control from the first Filter in an iterator to the last. 


JarPluginArtifact The implementation of PluginArtifact that is backed by a jar file. 
JarUtils Utility methods for getting stuff out of a jar. 
JavaVersionUtils A simple utility for comparing a java version number to the running version. 


LastModifiedHandler This class manages the last modified date of a single HTTP resource. 
LastModifiedHandler This class is deprecated. Since 2.0.0, use LastModifiedHandler  
LazyLoadedReference<V> This class is deprecated. since 2.5.0 use LazyReference directly instead.  
LegacyDynamicPluginFactory Deploys version 1.0 plugins into the legacy custom classloader structure that gives each plugin its own classloader. 
LegacyModuleFactory Legacy module factory that provides module classes for descriptors that aren't using an injected ModuleFactory 
ListableModuleDescriptorFactory A module descriptor factory that can list its supported module descriptors. 
ListenerMethodSelector Determines if a method on a listener is a listener method or not  


Main Simple standalone class for starting the plugin framework. 
MemoryPluginPersistentStateStore A basic plugin state store that stores state in memory. 
MethodNameListenerMethodSelector Listener method selector that makes its determination by matching the method name  
MockVersionedClass This is a class that just contains a version property, used to test that classes bundled into plugins will override the same classes from the container (so, for example, a plugin can use a newer version of a library that ships with Confluence). 
ModuleClassNotFoundException If a module class could not be found 
ModuleDescriptorOfClassPredicate<T> A ModuleDescriptorPredicate that matches modules for which their descriptor is an instance of one of the given Class. 
ModuleDescriptorOfTypePredicate<M> A ModuleDescriptorPredicate that matches modules for which their descriptor is the given type. 
ModuleDescriptorPredicate<T> Interface used to match plugin modules according to implementation specific rules. 

Assists in implementing a consistent implementation of equals(Object) methods for module descriptors based on the complete key of the descriptor. 


Assists in implementing hashCode() methods for module descriptors based on the hashCode of their complete key. 

ModuleFactory The ModuleFactory creates the module class of a ModuleDescriptor
ModuleOfClassPredicate<T> A ModuleDescriptorPredicate that matches modules that are is an instance of the given Class. 
ModulePredicate This interface is deprecated. since 2.2 unused  
ModuleTypeModuleDescriptor Module descriptor for dynamic module types. 
ModuleTypeSpringStage Transforms module-type elements into the appropriate Spring XML configuration file 
MultiTenantComponentFactoryBean Spring FactoryBean, that returns a proxy to the component that selects the correct component based on the current tenant. 


NeverDisplayCondition Always hide a web link. 
NonLockingJarHandler This is copied from Classwords 1.1 org.codehaus.classworlds.uberjar.protocol.jar.Handler so that an additional dependency does not need to be added to plugins. 
NonLockingJarUrlConnection This is copied from Classwords 1.1 org.codehaus.classworlds.uberjar.protocol.jar.JarURLConnection so that an additional dependency does not need to be added to plugins. 
NonValidatingOsgiApplicationContextCreator Application context creator that will use a special application context that disables XML Schema validation 
NonValidatingOsgiBundleXmlApplicationContext Application context that initializes the bean definition reader to not validate via XML Schema. 
NoOpAlternativeResourceLoader Resource loader that always returns null 
NoOpContextProvider A ContextProvider implementation that just passes the given context back. 
NotificationException This is used to wrap one or more exceptions thrown by Plugin Event Listeners on receiving an event. 


OsgiBundleFactory Plugin deployer that deploys OSGi bundles that don't contain XML descriptor files  
OsgiBundlePlugin Plugin that wraps an OSGi bundle that has no plugin descriptor. 
OsgiChainedModuleDescriptorFactoryCreator Builds a ModuleDescriptorFactory suitable for building ModuleDescriptor instances in an OSGi context for OsgiPlugin instances. 
OsgiContainerException Generic wrapper exception for any OSGi-related exceptions  
OsgiContainerManager Manages the OSGi container and handles any interactions with it  
OsgiContainerStartedEvent Event fired when the OSGi container has started 
OsgiContainerStoppedEvent Event fired when the OSGi container has stopped 
OsgiHeaderUtil Utilities to help create OSGi headers  
OsgiPersistentCache Access to persistent cache locations used throughout the OSGi plugin system. 
OsgiPlugin Plugin that wraps an OSGi bundle that does contain a plugin descriptor. 
OsgiPluginFactory Plugin loader that starts an OSGi container and loads plugins into it, wrapped as OSGi bundles. 
OsgiPluginXmlDescriptorParser Descriptor parser that handles special tasks for osgi plugins such as recording the originating module descriptor elements. 
OsgiPluginXmlDescriptorParserFactory Descriptor parser factory that creates parsers for Osgi plugins. 


PackageScannerConfiguration Contains configuration for the package scanning algorithm that scans your classpath to determine which packages and versions to export to OSGi. 
PackageScannerConfigurationBuilder The builder for PackageScannerConfiguration instances that additionally performs validation and default creation. 
PathMapper The PathMapper is used to map file patterns to keys, and find an appropriate key for a given file path. 
PluggableDownloadStrategy A download strategy which maintains a list of DownloadStrategyModuleDescriptors and delegates to them in order. 
PluginAccessor Allows access to the current plugin system state  
PluginAccessor.Descriptor The plugin descriptor file. 
PluginArtifact Allows the retrieval of files and/or an input stream of a plugin artifact. 
PluginArtifactBackedPlugin Applied to Plugin implementations which are produced by PluginFactorys that are backed by PluginArtifact
PluginArtifactFactory Creates a plugin artifact from a URL 
PluginAvailableBeanDefinitionDecorator Processes an "available" attribute in the plugin namespace. 
PluginBridgeEventMulticaster Finds ApplicationListener bridge and uses it to CC all event broadcasts 
PluginClassLoader A class loader used to load classes and resources from a given plugin. 
PluginContainerFailedEvent Event thrown when the container a plugin is installed into either rejects the plugin or fails altogether 
PluginContainerRefreshedEvent Event for when the container a plugin is installed into has been refreshed 
PluginContainerUnavailableEvent Event for when the container of a plugin is been shutdown, usually as a result of the OSGi bundle being stopped 
PluginContextClassLoaderStrategyBeanDefinitionDecorator Processes an "contextClassLoader" strategy attribute in the plugin namespace. 
PluginController Interface to control the state of the plugin system  
PluginDisabledEvent Event that signifies a plugin has been disabled, uninstalled or updated. 
PluginEnabledEvent Event fired when a plugin is enabled, installed or updated. 
PluginEventListener Marks a method that is interested in plugin events  
PluginEventManager Defines the event manager for use with internal Atlassian Plugins framework events. 
PluginException Generic plugin exception. 
PluginFactory Creates the plugin artifact and deploys it into the appropriate plugin management system 
PluginFilterConfig Instances of the PluginFilterConfig are passed to plugins Filter init() method. 
PluginFrameworkShutdownEvent Event that signifies the plugin framework has been shutdown  
PluginFrameworkStartedEvent Event that signifies the plugin framework has been started and initialized  
PluginFrameworkStartingEvent Event that signifies the plugin framework is being started  
PluginFrameworkUtils General utility functions for plugin framework. 
PluginFrameworkWarmRestartedEvent Signals a warm restart of the plugin framework has been completed 
PluginFrameworkWarmRestartingEvent Signals a warm restart of the plugin framework is about to begin 
PluginHttpRequestWrapper A request wrapper for requests bound for servlets declared in plugins. 
PluginHttpSessionWrapper Wraps a HttpSession for consumption by OSGi plugins in order to workaround Weblogic problems caused by setting different Context ClassLoaders. 
PluginInstaller A place to store plugins which can be installed and uninstalled. 
PluginInterfaceBeanDefinitionDecorator Matches the element and registers it against the bean for later processing. 
PluginJarBuilder Builds a plugin jar, including optionally compiling simple Java code  
PluginLoader Handles loading and unloading plugin artifacts from a location  
PluginManager This interface is deprecated. since 2006-09-26 the preferred technique is to use the interfaces that this on e extends directly. 
PluginMetadataManager Provides information about plugins and modules that is application host specific. 
PluginModuleAvailableEvent Signifies a plugin module is now available outside the usual installation process. 
PluginModuleDisabledEvent Event fired when a plugin module is disabled, which can also happen when its plugin is disabled or uninstalled. 
PluginModuleEnabledEvent Event fired when a plugin module is enabled, which can also happen when its plugin is enabled or installed. 
PluginModuleTracker<M, T extends ModuleDescriptor<M>> Tracks enabled plugin module descriptors, focusing on fast reads. 
PluginModuleTracker.Customizer<M, T extends ModuleDescriptor<M>> Implement this to customize how and which descriptors are stored  
PluginModuleUnavailableEvent Signifies a plugin module is now unavailable outside the usual installation process. 
PluginNamespaceHandler Handler for the "plugin" namespace  
PluginParseException Parse plugin exception - thrown from code which must parse a plugin. 
PluginPersistentState Interface that represents a configuration state for plugins and plugin modules. 
PluginPersistentState.Builder Builder for PluginPersistentState instances. 
PluginPersistentStateStore A wrapper object that the user implements to store the persisted state of plugins. 
PluginPredicate Interface used to match plugins according to implementation specific rules. 
PluginRefreshedEvent Event fired when the plugin has been refreshed with no user interaction 
PluginResource Represents a plugin resource. 
PluginResourceDownload A downloadable plugin resource, as described here: It supports the download of single plugin resources as well as batching. 
PluginResourceLocator Assists in locating plugin resources in different ways. 
PluginResourceLocatorImpl Default implementation of PluginResourceLocator
PluginRestartState The state of the plugin after restart. 
PluginRetrievalService Provides access for the plugin the consuming bundle is a part of 
PluginRetrievalServiceFactory Provides instances of PluginRetrievalService, tailed for the consumer. 
PluginsClassLoader A ClassLoader that will loop over all enabled Plugins, attempting to load the given class (or other resource) from the ClassLoader of each plugin in turn. 
PluginsConfiguration Configuration for the Atlassian Plugins Framework. 
PluginsConfigurationBuilder The builder for PluginsConfiguration instances that additionally performs validation and default creation. 
PluginServiceDependencyWaitEndedEvent Event for when a plugin OSGi service dependency that the system was waiting for has been found 
PluginServiceDependencyWaitEvent Events that are fired when OSGi services are waiting to be resolved. 
PluginServiceDependencyWaitStartingEvent Event for when a plugin has started to wait for an OSGi service to be available. 
PluginServiceDependencyWaitTimedOutEvent Event for when a plugin has timed out waiting for an OSGi service to be available 
PluginServletConfig Instances of the PluginServletConfig are passed to plugins servlet Servlet init() method. 
PluginServletContextWrapper A wrapper around servlet context that allows plugin servlets to add attributes which will not be shared/clobbered by other plugins. 
PluginState Represents the state of the plugin 
PluginSystemLifecycle Controls the life-cycle of the plugin system. 
PluginTransformationException Generic wrapper exception for all exceptions thrown during plugin transformation  
PluginTransformer Transforms a plugin jar into a proper OSGi bundle  
PluginUninstalledEvent Event fired when a plugin is explicited uninstalled (as opposed to as part of an upgrade). 
PluginUpgradedEvent Event that indicates a plugin has been upgraded at runtime 
PluginUtils General plugin utility methods 
Predicate<T> Evaluate an input and return true or false. 
PrefixDelegatingModuleFactory The default implementation of a ModuleFactory
PrefixModuleFactory A module factory that is matched when its prefix is matched, and therefore, relies an a delegating module factory that determines the prefix somehow. 
PropertyBuilder Ties properties to the host component registration. 


RequiredPluginProvider Provides the keys for both plugins and modules that have been marked as required by the host application. 
RequiresRestart Marks ModuleDescriptor implementations that require a restart of the application to start the plugin when installed at runtime. 
ResourceBatchingConfiguration Resource batching configuration for the WebResourceManagerImpl
ResourcedModuleDescriptor<T> This class is deprecated. All module descriptors now have resources. Use AbstractModuleDescriptor instead.  
ResourceLocation This class gives the location of a particular resource  
Resources An aggregate of all resource descriptors within the given plugin module or plugin. 
ResourceTemplateWebPanel This class is used for web panel declaration that do not have a custom class attribute in their descriptor, but do have a location attribute in their resource child element, which points to a template file on the (plugin's) classpath. 
ResourceUrlParser This class is deprecated. Since 2.2  
RevertablePluginInstaller A type of PluginInstaller that supports reverting plugin artifacts installed during the current running. 


ScanDescriptorForHostClassesStage Scans the plugin descriptor for any "class" attribute, and ensures that it will be imported, if appropriate. 
ScanInnerJarsStage The stages which scan for inner jars in attempt to create bundle classpath. 
Scanner Monitors some hypothetical space for deployed plugins. 
ScanningPluginLoader Plugin loader that delegates the detection of plugins to a Scanner instance. 
SearchAndReplacer Performs a search and replace function on a given input. 
ServletContextFactory A factory for providing access to a ServletContext. 
ServletContextListenerModuleDescriptor Provides a way for plugins to declare ServletContextListeners so they can be notified when the javax.servlet.ServletContext is created for the plugin. 
ServletContextParamModuleDescriptor Allows plugin developers to specify init parameters they would like added to the plugin local javax.servlet.ServletContext. 
ServletContextServletModuleManagerAccessor Provides static access to a HostContainer instance. 
ServletFilterModuleContainerFilter Applications need to create a concrete subclass of this for use in their filter stack. 
ServletFilterModuleDescriptor A module descriptor that allows plugin developers to define servlet filters. 
ServletModuleContainerServlet Applications need to create a concrete subclass of this for use in their webapp. 
ServletModuleDescriptor A module descriptor that allows plugin developers to define servlets. 
ServletModuleManager The ServletModuleManager is responsible for servlets and filters - and their servlet contexts - defined in plugins. 
SimpleConstructorHostContainer Constructs module instances, matching the constructor with the largest number of arguments first. 
SingleDownloadableResourceBuilder Constructs a single resource for download 
SingleModuleDescriptorFactory<T extends ModuleDescriptor<?>> A single module descriptor factory for plugins to use when they want to expose just one plugin. 
SinglePluginLoader Loads a single plugin from the descriptor provided, which can either be an InputStream or a resource on the classpath. 
SinglePluginResource Represents a single plugin resource. 
SpringAwarePackageScannerConfiguration Spring-aware extension of the package scanner configuration that instructs spring to inject the servlet context  
SpringContainerAccessor Allows to access the spring container and access springs beans. 
SpringContextEventBridge Bridge for internal spring context events and the plugin framework event system, specifically when the internal spring context is waiting for OSGi service dependencies. 
SpringHostContainer Host container implementation that uses the bundle's application context 
SpringOsgiEventBridge Bridges key Spring DM extender events with the plugin system 
SpringServletModuleManager A ServletModuleManager that has a ServletContext automatically injected  
StateAware Makes a plugin or plugin module aware of its activation state. 
StaticWebPanelRenderer Static WebPanelRenderer, just returns the supplied text. 
StreamUnzipper Stream based ZIP extractor  
SuperBatchPluginResource Creates a batch of all like-typed resources that are declared as "super-batch="true"" in their plugin definitions. 
SuperBatchSubResourceBuilder Provides a fallback to serve resources relative to a super batch resource In practice, the resources url should be transformed via the {{com.atlassian.plugin.webresource.RelativeURLTransformResource}}. 
SystemExports Encapsulates the package exports from the system bundle 


ThreadPoolAsyncTaskExecutor Executes spring tasks using a cached thread pool that expands as necessary. 
TransformContext The transform context containing any configuration necessary to enact a JAR transformation. 
TransformerUtils Utility class for transforming resources  
TransformStage Performs a stage in the transformation from a JAR to an OSGi bundle 


UnloadableModuleDescriptor Instances of this class represent a module which could not be loaded, not a module which can be unloaded
UnloadableModuleDescriptorFactory Utility class to create UnloadableModuleDescriptor instances when there are problems  
UnloadablePlugin This class represents a Plugin that was not able to be loaded by the PluginManager. 
UnloadablePluginFactory Utility class to create UnloadablePlugin instances. 
UnloadableStaticPluginFactory Creates unloadable plugins from static plugins. 
UnrecognisedModuleDescriptorFactory Utility class to create UnloadableModuleDescriptor instances when there are problems  
UrlMode A formatting mode for URLs. 
UrlParseException An UrlParseException is thrown when a web resource url cannot be parsed correctly. 


ValidationException Exception for a validation error parsing DOM4J nodes 
ValidationPattern Validates a pattern of rules against a dom4j node, patterned off of Schematron 
ValidationPattern.Rule The rule as a series of tests  
ValidationPattern.RuleTest A test within a rule  
VersionStringComparator Compares dotted version strings of varying length. 


WaitUntil Utility methods for synchronising on asynchronous processes  
WaitUntil.WaitCondition The condition to determine when to stop waiting  
WebFragmentHelper Provides application specific methods to build/render web fragments  
WebFragmentModuleDescriptor<T> A convenience interface for web fragment descriptors  
WebIcon Represents an icon link  
WebInterfaceManager A simple manager to provide sections of the web interface through plugins. 
WebItemModuleDescriptor A web-item plugin adds extra links to a particular section. 
WebLabel Represents a plain text, primarily used as a links name  
WebPanel The module that is responsive for providing the raw content for a Web Panel. 

The web panel module declares a single web panel in atlassian-plugin.xml. 

WebPanelRenderer This interface allows the plugin system to be extended by adding new renderers for new markup formats. 
WebPanelRendererModuleDescriptor The web panel renderer module is used to add web panel renderers to the plugin system. 
WebParam Represents arbitrary number of key/value pairs  
WebResourceFilter An interface for filtering web resources. 
WebResourceIntegration The integration layer between Plugin's Web Resource Handler, and specific applications (eg JIRA, Confluence). 
WebResourceManager Manage 'css', 'javascript' and other 'resources' that are usually linked at the top of pages using <script> and <link> tags. 
WebResourceManager.IncludeMode This interface is deprecated. Since 2.2  
WebResourceManagerImpl A handy super-class that handles most of the resource management. 
WebResourceModuleDescriptor A way of linking to web 'resources', such as javascript or css. 
WebResourceTransformation Represents a set of transformer invocations for a specific web resource set and extension. 
WebResourceTransformer Transforms a downloadable resource. 
WebResourceTransformerModuleDescriptor Defines a module descriptor for a WebResourceTransformer
WebResourceUrlProvider Provides the prefixes a 'system' static resource as well as the base url of the application to be used as a prefix for other web resources. 
WebResourceUrlProviderImpl The default implementation of WebResourceUrlProvider
WebSectionModuleDescriptor A web-section plugin adds extra sections to a particular location. 
WeightedDescriptor A simple interface implemented by any weighted descriptors. 
WeightedDescriptorComparator A simple comparator for any weighted descriptor - lowest weights first. 


XmlDescriptorParser Provides access to the descriptor information retrieved from an XML InputStream. 
XmlDescriptorParserFactory Creates XML descriptor parser instances. 
XmlDynamicPlugin A dynamic XML plugin that consists of the Atlassian plugin descriptor 
XmlDynamicPluginFactory Deploys plugins that consist of an XML descriptor file. 
XmlPluginArtifact An XML plugin artifact that is just the atlassian-plugin.xml file