public class


extends Object
   ↳ com.atlassian.jira.workflow.migration.WorkflowMigrationMapping

Class Overview

The class is used during workflow migration for a project. It holds mappings between statuses on old workflow and new workflow. As workflows are configurable per issue type of Enterprise Edition of JIRA, the status mappings are held on per issue type basis.

This class also holds ids of issues that start the migration on the wrong workflow. For example, if a previous workflow migration failed, some issues have already been migrated. We need to keep track of these issues to ensure that they get migrated again.


Public Constructors
Public Methods
void addIssueIdsOnWorongWorkflow(Collection<Long> issueIds)
void addMapping(GenericValue issueType, GenericValue oldStatus, GenericValue newStatus)
GenericValue getTargetStatus(GenericValue issue)
boolean isIssueOnWrongWorkflow(Long issueId)
Inherited Methods
From class java.lang.Object

Public Constructors

public WorkflowMigrationMapping ()

Public Methods

public void addIssueIdsOnWorongWorkflow (Collection<Long> issueIds)

public void addMapping (GenericValue issueType, GenericValue oldStatus, GenericValue newStatus)

public GenericValue getTargetStatus (GenericValue issue)

public boolean isIssueOnWrongWorkflow (Long issueId)