public class


extends WorkflowDescriptor
   ↳ com.opensymphony.workflow.loader.AbstractDescriptor
     ↳ com.opensymphony.workflow.loader.WorkflowDescriptor
       ↳ com.atlassian.jira.workflow.ImmutableWorkflowDescriptor

Class Overview

Representes an Immutable com.opensymphony.workflow.loader.WorkflowDescriptor. Due to OS workflows great implementation (lack of Interface, clone() and constructor via object graph), we need to delegate all our getters to the actual WorkflowDescriptor itself.

Invocation of any setter on this object will cause an UnsupportedOperationException being thrown.


Inherited Constants
From class com.opensymphony.workflow.loader.WorkflowDescriptor
From interface com.opensymphony.workflow.util.XMLizable
Inherited Fields
From class com.opensymphony.workflow.loader.WorkflowDescriptor
Public Constructors
ImmutableWorkflowDescriptor(WorkflowDescriptor delegate)
Public Methods
void addCommonAction(ActionDescriptor descriptor)
void addGlobalAction(ActionDescriptor descriptor)
void addInitialAction(ActionDescriptor descriptor)
void addJoin(JoinDescriptor descriptor)
void addSplit(SplitDescriptor descriptor)
void addStep(StepDescriptor descriptor)
String asXML()
ActionDescriptor getAction(int id)
Map getCommonActions()
int getEntityId()
List getGlobalActions()
ConditionsDescriptor getGlobalConditions()
int getId()
ActionDescriptor getInitialAction(int id)
List getInitialActions()
JoinDescriptor getJoin(int id)
List getJoins()
Map getMetaAttributes()
String getName()
AbstractDescriptor getParent()
List getRegisters()
SplitDescriptor getSplit(int id)
List getSplits()
StepDescriptor getStep(int id)
List getSteps()
FunctionDescriptor getTriggerFunction(int id)
Map getTriggerFunctions()
boolean hasId()
boolean removeAction(ActionDescriptor actionToRemove)
void setEntityId(int entityId)
void setId(int id)
void setName(String name)
void setParent(AbstractDescriptor parent)
FunctionDescriptor setTriggerFunction(int id, FunctionDescriptor descriptor)
void validate()
void writeXML(PrintWriter out, int indent)
Protected Methods
void init(Element root)
Inherited Methods
From class com.opensymphony.workflow.loader.WorkflowDescriptor
From class com.opensymphony.workflow.loader.AbstractDescriptor
From class java.lang.Object
From interface com.opensymphony.workflow.util.Validatable
From interface com.opensymphony.workflow.util.XMLizable

Public Constructors

public ImmutableWorkflowDescriptor (WorkflowDescriptor delegate)

Public Methods

public void addCommonAction (ActionDescriptor descriptor)

public void addGlobalAction (ActionDescriptor descriptor)

public void addInitialAction (ActionDescriptor descriptor)

public void addJoin (JoinDescriptor descriptor)

public void addSplit (SplitDescriptor descriptor)

public void addStep (StepDescriptor descriptor)

public String asXML ()

public ActionDescriptor getAction (int id)

public Map getCommonActions ()

public int getEntityId ()

public List getGlobalActions ()

public ConditionsDescriptor getGlobalConditions ()

public int getId ()

public ActionDescriptor getInitialAction (int id)

public List getInitialActions ()

public JoinDescriptor getJoin (int id)

public List getJoins ()

public Map getMetaAttributes ()

public String getName ()

public AbstractDescriptor getParent ()

public List getRegisters ()

public SplitDescriptor getSplit (int id)

public List getSplits ()

public StepDescriptor getStep (int id)

public List getSteps ()

public FunctionDescriptor getTriggerFunction (int id)

public Map getTriggerFunctions ()

public boolean hasId ()

public boolean removeAction (ActionDescriptor actionToRemove)

public void setEntityId (int entityId)

public void setId (int id)

public void setName (String name)

public void setParent (AbstractDescriptor parent)

public FunctionDescriptor setTriggerFunction (int id, FunctionDescriptor descriptor)

public void validate ()


public void writeXML (PrintWriter out, int indent)

Protected Methods

protected void init (Element root)