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Class Overview

Represents a particular configuration of aConfigurableField. A configuration can have many facets, such as default value and options. These are customizable through registering FieldConfigItem objects in the getConfigItems() method.

This object is generally used in conjunction as part FieldConfigScheme objects where a config can be attached per IssueType This is used in configuring custom fields..

Sample code

Retrieving a FieldConfig and using it to retrieve a set of custom field options:
 IssueContextImpl issueContext = new IssueContextImpl(Long, String)  IssueContextImpl(projectId, issueTypeId)};
    FieldConfig fieldConfig = cf.getRelevantConfig(issueContext);
    Options options = optionsManager.getOptions(fieldConfig);


Public Methods
List<FieldConfigItem> getConfigItems()
Returns a list of FieldConfigItems.
CustomField getCustomField()
Returns the related custom field.
String getDescription()
String getFieldId()
Long getId()
String getName()

Public Methods

public List<FieldConfigItem> getConfigItems ()

Returns a list of FieldConfigItems.


public CustomField getCustomField ()

Returns the related custom field. This is very much a legacy method as FieldConfig was originally only used for customfields. Should eventually return a ConfigurableField

DataAccessException if the fieldId does not refer to a valid custom field

public String getDescription ()

public String getFieldId ()

public Long getId ()

public String getName ()