public static interface



Class Overview

A value object used to aggregate all the transient values required in taking input from the UI, validating it and creating the resultant work logs.


Nested Classes
enum WorklogSystemField.WorklogValue.AdjustEstimate Denotes the possible states of the radio button group which captures what the user wishes to do with the estimate after logging work. 
class WorklogSystemField.WorklogValue.Builder  
Public Methods
WorklogSystemField.WorklogValue.AdjustEstimate adjustEstimate()
String adjustmentAmount()
Long adjustmentAmountLong()
String comment()
String commentLevel()
Long id()
boolean isActivated()
boolean isCreateIssue()
boolean isEditIssue()
boolean isSet()
String newEstimate()
Long newEstimateLong()
String startDate()
String timeLogged()
WorklogResult worklogResult()

Public Methods

public String adjustmentAmount ()

public Long adjustmentAmountLong ()

public String comment ()

public String commentLevel ()

public Long id ()

public boolean isActivated ()

  • true if the "Log Work" checkbox is checked.

public boolean isCreateIssue ()

  • true if we are logging work as we are creating an issue; false otherwise

public boolean isEditIssue ()

  • true if we are logging work as we are editing an issue (on the Edit Screen); false otherwise

public boolean isSet ()


public String newEstimate ()

public Long newEstimateLong ()

public String startDate ()

public String timeLogged ()

public WorklogResult worklogResult ()

  • the result after invoking the WorklogService's "validateCreate" methods. Stored on the WorklogValue so that it can be accessed in the different phases of the field lifecycle.