@Internal public static interface




This interface is an internal implementation detail and will change without notice.

Clients that depend on @Internal classes and interfaces can not expect to be compatible with any version other than the version they were compiled against (even minor version and milestone releases may break binary compatibility with respect to @Internal elements).

Class Overview

This interface is used as a value object for IssueLinking information.

It lurks around inside the field values holder maps while JIRA does its thang. It's referenced by the velocity views and also by the IssueLinksSystemField itself.

While the class is PUBLIC, it is only so that the Velocity template can get to it. Please do not consider this part of the JIRA API. It's for the IssueLinksSystemField only. You have been warned :)

Public Methods

public String getLinkDescription ()

public List<String> getLinkedIssues ()

public IssueLinkService.AddIssueLinkValidationResult getValidationResult ()

public boolean isCreateIssue ()

public boolean isIssueLinkingActivated ()