@PublicSpi public interface


Known Indirect Subclasses


This interface is designed for plugins to implement.

Clients of @PublicSpi can expect that programs compiled against a given version will remain binary compatible with later versions of the @PublicSpi as per each product's API policy (clients should refer to each product's API policy for the exact guarantee -- usually binary compatibility is guaranteed at least across minor versions).

Note: @PublicSpi interfaces and classes are specifically designed to be implemented/extended by clients. Hence, the guarantee of binary compatibility is different to that of @PublicApi elements (if an element is both @PublicApi and @PublicSpi, both guarantees apply).

Class Overview

A custom field searcher will implement this interface if the custom field can be sorted. If a custom field wishes to sort itself, it can use the slower method SortableCustomField.


Public Methods
LuceneFieldSorter getSorter(CustomField customField)

Public Methods

public LuceneFieldSorter getSorter (CustomField customField)