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Class Overview

Actions to be performed on the Field Configuration Schemes in JIRA's administration interface.


Nested Classes
interface FieldConfigurationSchemes.FieldConfigurationScheme Represents a field configuration scheme that actions can be carried out on  
Public Methods
String addFieldConfigurationScheme(String name, String description)
FieldConfigurationSchemes.FieldConfigurationScheme fieldConfigurationScheme(String name)

Public Methods

public String addFieldConfigurationScheme (String name, String description)

name the name of the new scheme
description the description of the new scheme; optional (use null to ignore)
  • the id of the new field configuration scheme

public FieldConfigurationSchemes.FieldConfigurationScheme fieldConfigurationScheme (String name)

name the name of the field configuration scheme
  • a reference to a FieldConfigurationSchemes.FieldConfigurationScheme instance that can be used to perform actions on the scheme. Note that only one field configuration scheme can be accessed at a time; if this method is called again, any prior references will now refer to the new scheme.