@PublicApi public interface


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This interface is designed for plugins to consume (call its methods).

Clients of @PublicApi can expect that programs compiled against a given version will remain binary compatible with later versions of the @PublicApi as per each product's API policy as long as the client does not implement/extend @PublicApi interfaces or classes (refer to each product's API policy for the exact guarantee---usually binary compatibility is guaranteed at least across minor versions).

Note: since @PublicApi interfaces and classes are not designed to be implemented or extended by clients, we may perform certain types of binary-incompatible changes to these classes and interfaces, but these will not affect well-behaved clients that do not extend/implement these types (in general, only classes and interfaces annotated with @PublicSpi are safe to extend/implement).

Class Overview

This interface defines a service method call result in JIRA that can contain human readable errors. New service methods should prefer the generic ServiceOutcome.

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Public Methods
ErrorCollection getErrorCollection()
boolean isValid()

Public Methods

public ErrorCollection getErrorCollection ()

  • an ErrorCollection that contains any errors that may have happened as a result of the validations.

public boolean isValid ()

  • true if there are no errors, false otherwise.