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Class Overview

JIRA used to have context-listeners that did things on startup. These have been converted from ServletContextListener to JiraLauncher. Instead of contextInitialized and contextDestroyed they now implement start() and stop(). This allows us to decouple JIRA creation from context creation and gives us further flexibility about when exactly bits of the start up occur.


Public Methods
void start()
Called during JIRA "startup".
void stop()
Called when JIRA is shutting down.

Public Methods

public void start ()

Called during JIRA "startup". Despite no longer being multitenant, it is still a good idea to chunk this. The order is defined in DefaultJiraLauncher

The logic for ordering all of this will be handled by the DefaultJiraLauncher.

public void stop ()

Called when JIRA is shutting down. Just like startup this can . The logic of what exactly happens when is encapsulated in the DefaultJiraLauncher.