public class


extends AbstractShareTypeSearchParameter

Class Overview

Represents the search parameters when searching for Project ShareTypes. The object can be used to find all the shares in a particular project by specifying a project and no role. The object can be used to find all shares for a particular project and particular role by passing both. It may also used to find all shares involving a particular given role when the project is null.


Public Constructors
ProjectShareTypeSearchParameter(Long projectId)
ProjectShareTypeSearchParameter(Long projectId, Long roleId)
Public Methods
boolean equals(Object o)
Long getProjectId()
Long getRoleId()
boolean hasRole()
int hashCode()
Inherited Methods
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Public Constructors

public ProjectShareTypeSearchParameter ()

public ProjectShareTypeSearchParameter (Long projectId)

public ProjectShareTypeSearchParameter (Long projectId, Long roleId)

Public Methods

public boolean equals (Object o)

public Long getProjectId ()

public Long getRoleId ()

public boolean hasRole ()

public int hashCode ()