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This interface is an internal implementation detail and will change without notice.

Clients that depend on @Internal classes and interfaces can not expect to be compatible with any version other than the version they were compiled against (even minor version and milestone releases may break binary compatibility with respect to @Internal elements).

Class Overview

Manager to decide what project types should be shown for a specific user.


Public Methods
List<ProjectType> getAllProjectTypes(ApplicationUser user)
boolean isProjectTypeChangeAllowed(Project project)

Public Methods

public List<ProjectType> getAllProjectTypes (ApplicationUser user)

user the specified user
  • a list of installed project types plus the types of the projects that are allowed to be browsed by the user. The project types are distinct with no duplications and sorted by weight.

public boolean isProjectTypeChangeAllowed (Project project)

project the specified project
  • a boolean depending on whether the type of the specified project can be changed or not.