@PublicSpi public interface


Known Indirect Subclasses


This interface is designed for plugins to implement.

Clients of @PublicSpi can expect that programs compiled against a given version will remain binary compatible with later versions of the @PublicSpi as per each product's API policy (clients should refer to each product's API policy for the exact guarantee -- usually binary compatibility is guaranteed at least across minor versions).

Note: @PublicSpi interfaces and classes are specifically designed to be implemented/extended by clients. Hence, the guarantee of binary compatibility is different to that of @PublicApi elements (if an element is both @PublicApi and @PublicSpi, both guarantees apply).

Class Overview

This interface is supposed to be implemented by classes which provide an extra rest serializer for a custom field. This serializer serializes the custom field to another json representation of this custom field. These representations are returned in issue and search rest endpoint in the versionedRepresentation field which requires to be expanded. The rest serializer may be defined in the customfield's module descriptor through a rest-serializer element. This element requires a name as an attribute and a reference to the class that implements this interface in the class attribute. This interface may be also implemented as a component.


Public Methods
JsonData getJsonData(CustomField field, Issue issue)

Public Methods

public JsonData getJsonData (CustomField field, Issue issue)