public class


extends Object
   ↳ com.atlassian.jira.pageobjects.pages.viewissue.linkissue.LinkJiraSection

Class Overview

Represents jira section in the link issue dialog.


Public Constructors
LinkJiraSection(LinkIssueDialog linkIssueDialog)
Public Methods
LinkJiraSection addIssueKey(String issueKey)
LinkJiraSection clearIssueKeys()
LinkJiraSection comment(String comment)
LinkJiraSection createReciprocal()
boolean errorsPresent()
int getErrorCount()
boolean requireCredentials()
LinkJiraSection selectServer(String appId)
LinkJiraSection setIssueKey(String issueKey)
void startOAuthDance()
Starts the OAuth dance.
ViewIssuePage submit()
LinkJiraSection submitExpectingError()
final void waitUntil()
Inherited Methods
From class java.lang.Object

Public Constructors

public LinkJiraSection (LinkIssueDialog linkIssueDialog)

Public Methods

public LinkJiraSection addIssueKey (String issueKey)

public LinkJiraSection clearIssueKeys ()

public LinkJiraSection comment (String comment)

public LinkJiraSection createReciprocal ()

public boolean errorsPresent ()

public int getErrorCount ()

public boolean requireCredentials ()

public LinkJiraSection selectServer (String appId)

public LinkJiraSection setIssueKey (String issueKey)

public void startOAuthDance ()

Starts the OAuth dance.

TODO: Should be changed to return the AppLink OAuthConfirmPage when JIRA upgrades to APL 3.7.

public ViewIssuePage submit ()

public LinkJiraSection submitExpectingError ()

public final void waitUntil ()