public class


extends AbstractJiraPage
implements WorkflowHeader
   ↳ com.atlassian.jira.pageobjects.pages.AbstractJiraPage
     ↳ com.atlassian.jira.pageobjects.pages.admin.workflow.WorkflowDesignerPage

Class Overview

Represents the workflow designer page for a particular workflow!


Inherited Fields
From class com.atlassian.jira.pageobjects.pages.AbstractJiraPage
Public Constructors
WorkflowDesignerPage(String workflowName, boolean isDraft)
Public Methods
boolean canCreateOrEditDraft()
boolean canDiscard()
boolean canEditNameOrDescription()
boolean canPublish()
boolean canViewDraft()
<T extends WorkflowHeader> T createDraft(WorkflowMode<T> mode)
<T extends WorkflowHeader> T createDraftInMode(WorkflowMode<T> mode)
EditWorkflowNameAndDescriptionDialog editNameOrDescription()
WorkflowMode<?> getCurrentMode()
List<String> getInfoMessages()
List<String> getSharedProjects()
String getUrl()
List<String> getWarningMessages()
String getWorkflowDescription()
String getWorkflowName()
ViewWorkflowSteps gotoLiveWorkflow()
boolean hasLinkToLiveWorkflow()
void init()
boolean isActive()
TimedCondition isAt()
Timed condition checking if we're at given page.
boolean isDraft()
boolean isInactive()
boolean isSystem()
DiscardDraftDialog openDiscardDialog()
PublishDialog openPublishDialog()
<T extends WorkflowHeader> T setCurrentEditMode(WorkflowMode<T> mode)
void setCurrentViewMode(WorkflowMode<?> mode)
ProjectSharedBy sharedBy()
Inherited Methods
From class com.atlassian.jira.pageobjects.pages.AbstractJiraPage
From class java.lang.Object
From interface com.atlassian.jira.pageobjects.pages.admin.workflow.WorkflowHeader
From interface com.atlassian.pageobjects.Page

Public Constructors

public WorkflowDesignerPage (String workflowName, boolean isDraft)

Public Methods

public boolean canCreateOrEditDraft ()

public boolean canDiscard ()

public boolean canEditNameOrDescription ()

public boolean canPublish ()

public boolean canViewDraft ()

public T createDraft (WorkflowMode<T> mode)

public T createDraftInMode (WorkflowMode<T> mode)

public EditWorkflowNameAndDescriptionDialog editNameOrDescription ()

public WorkflowMode<?> getCurrentMode ()

public List<String> getInfoMessages ()

public List<String> getSharedProjects ()

public String getUrl ()

public List<String> getWarningMessages ()

public String getWorkflowDescription ()

public String getWorkflowName ()

public ViewWorkflowSteps gotoLiveWorkflow ()

public boolean hasLinkToLiveWorkflow ()

public void init ()

public boolean isActive ()

public TimedCondition isAt ()

Timed condition checking if we're at given page.

  • timed condition checking, if the test is at given page

public boolean isDraft ()

public boolean isInactive ()

public boolean isSystem ()

public DiscardDraftDialog openDiscardDialog ()

public PublishDialog openPublishDialog ()

public T setCurrentEditMode (WorkflowMode<T> mode)

public void setCurrentViewMode (WorkflowMode<?> mode)

public ProjectSharedBy sharedBy ()