public class


extends Object
implements TestedProduct<T extends Tester>
   ↳ com.atlassian.jira.pageobjects.JiraTestedProduct

Class Overview

JIRA implementation of com.atlassian.pageobjects.TestedProduct.


Public Constructors
JiraTestedProduct(TesterFactory<WebDriverTester> testerFactory, ProductInstance productInstance)
JiraTestedProduct(ProductInstance productInstance)
Public Methods
Backdoor backdoor()
JIRAEnvironmentData environmentData()
UserCredentials getAdminCredentials()
PageBinder getPageBinder()
ProductInstance getProductInstance()
UserCredentials getSysadminCredentials()
WebDriverTester getTester()
<P extends Page> P goTo(Class<P> pageClass, Object... params)
Synonyme to #visit(Class, Object...).
JiraAdminHomePage goToAdminHomePage()
AdvancedSearch goToIssueNavigator()
ViewIssuePage goToViewIssue(String issueKey)
DashboardPage gotoHomePage()
JiraLoginPage gotoLoginPage()
Injector injector()
boolean isAt(Class<? extends Page> page)
boolean isOnDemand()
JiraTestedProduct logout()
void quickLogin(String username, String password)
<P extends Page> P quickLogin(String username, String password, Class<P> pageClass, Object... args)
<P extends Page> P quickLoginAsAdmin(Class<P> pageClass, Object... args)
void quickLoginAsAdmin()
<P extends Page> P quickLoginAsSysadmin(Class<P> pageClass, Object... args)
void quickLoginAsSysadmin()
boolean shouldSkipSetup()
<P extends Page> P visit(Class<P> pageClass, Object... args)
<P extends Page> DelayedBinder<P> visitDelayed(Class<P> pageClass, Object... args)
WindowSession windowSession()
Protected Methods
String getEnvironmentProperty(String key, String defaultValue, boolean allowEmpty)
String getEnvironmentProperty(String key, String defaultValue)
Inherited Methods
From class java.lang.Object
From interface com.atlassian.pageobjects.TestedProduct


public static final String TEST_ONDEMAND_PROPERTY

Constant Value: "test.ondemand"

public static final String TEST_SKIP_INSTANCE_SETUP_PROPERTY

Constant Value: "test.jira.setup.skip"

Public Constructors

public JiraTestedProduct (TesterFactory<WebDriverTester> testerFactory, ProductInstance productInstance)

public JiraTestedProduct (ProductInstance productInstance)

Public Methods

public Backdoor backdoor ()

public JIRAEnvironmentData environmentData ()

public UserCredentials getAdminCredentials ()

public PageBinder getPageBinder ()

public ProductInstance getProductInstance ()

public UserCredentials getSysadminCredentials ()

public WebDriverTester getTester ()

public P goTo (Class<P> pageClass, Object... params)

Synonyme to #visit(Class, Object...).

pageClass page class
params params
  • page instance

public JiraAdminHomePage goToAdminHomePage ()

public AdvancedSearch goToIssueNavigator ()

public ViewIssuePage goToViewIssue (String issueKey)

public DashboardPage gotoHomePage ()

public JiraLoginPage gotoLoginPage ()

public Injector injector ()

public boolean isAt (Class<? extends Page> page)

public boolean isOnDemand ()

public JiraTestedProduct logout ()

public void quickLogin (String username, String password)

public P quickLogin (String username, String password, Class<P> pageClass, Object... args)

public P quickLoginAsAdmin (Class<P> pageClass, Object... args)

public void quickLoginAsAdmin ()

public P quickLoginAsSysadmin (Class<P> pageClass, Object... args)

public void quickLoginAsSysadmin ()

public boolean shouldSkipSetup ()

public P visit (Class<P> pageClass, Object... args)

public DelayedBinder<P> visitDelayed (Class<P> pageClass, Object... args)

public WindowSession windowSession ()

Protected Methods

protected String getEnvironmentProperty (String key, String defaultValue, boolean allowEmpty)

protected String getEnvironmentProperty (String key, String defaultValue)