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implements Iterable<T>
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This interface is designed for plugins to consume (call its methods).

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Class Overview

A wrapper around org.ofbiz.core.entity.EntityListIterator that does not throw org.ofbiz.core.entity.GenericEntityException.

Note: This does not follow the contract for Iterator, in that the next() call does not throw NoSuchElementException but returns a null value if the last element has been reached.

IMPORTANT: this iterator must be closed in a finally block, or connection leaks will ensue.


Public Methods
boolean absolute(int i)
void add(GenericValue o)
void afterLast()
void beforeFirst()
void close()
Closes the iterator.
GenericValue currentGenericValue()
int currentIndex()
boolean first()
List<GenericValue> getCompleteList()
List<GenericValue> getPartialList(int i, int i1)
boolean isCaseSensitive(String fieldName)
Returns true if the specified field name in the database is case sensitive.
Iterator<GenericValue> iterator()
Returns a read-only iterator over the result sets.
boolean last()
GenericValue next()
int nextIndex()
GenericValue previous()
int previousIndex()
void remove()
void set(GenericValue o)
void setDelegator(GenericDelegator genericDelegator)
void setFetchSize(int i)
Inherited Methods
From interface java.lang.Iterable

Public Methods

public boolean absolute (int i)

public void add (GenericValue o)

public void afterLast ()

public void beforeFirst ()

public void close ()

Closes the iterator. Logs exceptions and does not propagate them.

public GenericValue currentGenericValue ()

public int currentIndex ()

public boolean first ()

public List<GenericValue> getCompleteList ()

public List<GenericValue> getPartialList (int i, int i1)

public boolean isCaseSensitive (String fieldName)

Returns true if the specified field name in the database is case sensitive.

fieldName the name of the entity field
  • true if the field is case sensitive in the database
DataAccessException if an underlying problem occurs.

public Iterator<GenericValue> iterator ()

Returns a read-only iterator over the result sets.

  • an Iterator

public boolean last ()

public GenericValue next ()

public int nextIndex ()

public GenericValue previous ()

public int previousIndex ()

public void remove ()

public void set (GenericValue o)

public void setDelegator (GenericDelegator genericDelegator)

public void setFetchSize (int i)