@Internal public final class


extends Object
implements JiraLicense
   ↳ com.atlassian.jira.license.JiraProductLicense


This class is an internal implementation detail and will change without notice.

Clients that depend on @Internal classes and interfaces can not expect to be compatible with any version other than the version they were compiled against (even minor version and milestone releases may break binary compatibility with respect to @Internal elements).

Class Overview

JIRA's interpreted version of an extras com.atlassian.extras.api.jira.JiraLicense.

This is a wrapper class over com.atlassian.extras.api.jira.JiraLicense that delegates calls to the underlying com.atlassian.extras.api.jira.JiraLicense instance.

This class should never/exposed be used outside of jira core module.


Public Methods
@Nonnull LicensedApplications getApplications()
Collection<Contact> getContacts()
Date getCreationDate()
String getDescription()
Date getExpiryDate()
Date getGracePeriodEndDate()
LicenseEdition getLicenseEdition()
LicenseType getLicenseType()
int getLicenseVersion()
Date getMaintenanceExpiryDate()
int getMaximumNumberOfUsers()
int getNumberOfDaysBeforeExpiry()
int getNumberOfDaysBeforeGracePeriodExpiry()
int getNumberOfDaysBeforeMaintenanceExpiry()
Organisation getOrganisation()
Partner getPartner()
Product getProduct()
Iterable<Product> getProducts()
String getProperty(String s)
Date getPurchaseDate()
String getServerId()
String getSupportEntitlementNumber()
boolean isEvaluation()
boolean isExpired()
boolean isGracePeriodExpired()
boolean isMaintenanceExpired()
boolean isSubscription()
boolean isUnlimitedNumberOfUsers()
boolean isWithinGracePeriod()
Inherited Methods
From class java.lang.Object
From interface com.atlassian.extras.api.LicenseEditionAware
From interface com.atlassian.extras.api.ProductLicense

Public Methods

@Nonnull public LicensedApplications getApplications ()

public Collection<Contact> getContacts ()

public Date getCreationDate ()

public String getDescription ()

public Date getExpiryDate ()

public Date getGracePeriodEndDate ()

public LicenseEdition getLicenseEdition ()

public LicenseType getLicenseType ()

public int getLicenseVersion ()

public Date getMaintenanceExpiryDate ()

public int getMaximumNumberOfUsers ()

public int getNumberOfDaysBeforeExpiry ()

public int getNumberOfDaysBeforeGracePeriodExpiry ()

public int getNumberOfDaysBeforeMaintenanceExpiry ()

public Organisation getOrganisation ()

public Partner getPartner ()

public Product getProduct ()

public Iterable<Product> getProducts ()

public String getProperty (String s)

public Date getPurchaseDate ()

public String getServerId ()

public String getSupportEntitlementNumber ()

public boolean isEvaluation ()

public boolean isExpired ()

public boolean isGracePeriodExpired ()

public boolean isMaintenanceExpired ()

public boolean isSubscription ()

public boolean isUnlimitedNumberOfUsers ()

public boolean isWithinGracePeriod ()