public class


extends RecursiveClauseVisitor
implements ClauseVisitor<R>

Class Overview

A RecursiveClauseVisitor which collects TerminalClauses that have the specified clause names.

Note: this visitor does not perform any structure checking. It simply collects all the clauses with the specified names.


Public Constructors
NamedTerminalClauseCollectingVisitor(String clauseName)
NamedTerminalClauseCollectingVisitor(Collection<String> clauseNames)
Public Methods
boolean containsNamedClause()
List<TerminalClause> getNamedClauses()
Void visit(TerminalClause clause)
Visit called when accepting a TerminalClause.
Inherited Methods
From class
From class java.lang.Object
From interface com.atlassian.query.clause.ClauseVisitor

Public Constructors

public NamedTerminalClauseCollectingVisitor (String clauseName)

public NamedTerminalClauseCollectingVisitor (Collection<String> clauseNames)

Public Methods

public boolean containsNamedClause ()

public List<TerminalClause> getNamedClauses ()

public Void visit (TerminalClause clause)

Visit called when accepting a TerminalClause.

clause the node being visited.
  • The return type specified by the visitor.