public class


extends Object

Class Overview

A JSON-convertable representation of a Priority


Public Constructors
Public Methods
static PriorityJsonBean fullBean(Priority priority, JiraBaseUrls urls)
String getDescription()
String getIconUrl()
String getId()
String getName()
String getSelf()
String getStatusColor()
void setDescription(String description)
void setIconUrl(String iconUrl)
void setId(String id)
void setName(String name)
void setSelf(String self)
void setStatusColor(String statusColor)
static PriorityJsonBean shortBean(Priority priority, JiraBaseUrls urls)
static Collection<PriorityJsonBean> shortBeans(Collection<Priority> allowedValues, JiraBaseUrls baseUrls)
Inherited Methods
From class java.lang.Object

Public Constructors

public PriorityJsonBean ()

Public Methods

public static PriorityJsonBean fullBean (Priority priority, JiraBaseUrls urls)

  • null if the input is null

public String getDescription ()

public String getIconUrl ()

public String getId ()

public String getName ()

public String getSelf ()

public String getStatusColor ()

public void setDescription (String description)

public void setIconUrl (String iconUrl)

public void setId (String id)

public void setName (String name)

public void setSelf (String self)

public void setStatusColor (String statusColor)

public static PriorityJsonBean shortBean (Priority priority, JiraBaseUrls urls)

  • null if the input is null

public static Collection<PriorityJsonBean> shortBeans (Collection<Priority> allowedValues, JiraBaseUrls baseUrls)