public class


extends Object

Class Overview

Builder class for GroupJsonBean.


Public Constructors
GroupJsonBeanBuilder(JiraBaseUrls jiraBaseUrls)
Public Methods
@Nullable GroupJsonBean build()
Creates new GroupJsonBean.
static Collection<GroupJsonBean> buildBeans(Collection<Group> Groups, JiraBaseUrls jiraBaseUrls)
GroupJsonBeanBuilder group(Group group)
Sets group details on base of provided group object.
static URI makeSelfUri(String groupName, JiraBaseUrls urls)
GroupJsonBeanBuilder name(String name)
Inherited Methods
From class java.lang.Object

Public Constructors

public GroupJsonBeanBuilder (JiraBaseUrls jiraBaseUrls)

Public Methods

@Nullable public GroupJsonBean build ()

Creates new GroupJsonBean.

  • an instance of created GroupJsonBean or null if no group data was set.

public static Collection<GroupJsonBean> buildBeans (Collection<Group> Groups, JiraBaseUrls jiraBaseUrls)

public GroupJsonBeanBuilder group (Group group)

Sets group details on base of provided group object. If provided object is null, then no data will be copied.

group Grop to copy data from.
  • this

public static URI makeSelfUri (String groupName, JiraBaseUrls urls)

public GroupJsonBeanBuilder name (String name)