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Class Overview

Can be provided as a CustomFieldSearcherClauseHandler if your custom field wants to participate in the generation of the QueryContext for a search request.

This should only be necessary if the custom fields values are related to a projects context (like version custom fields) or are related to the custom field context (like select list custom fields).

If there is a ClauseContextFactory provided by this then the result will be intersected with the results of the CustomFieldClauseContextFactory which generates the context for the custom fields configuration and the context for the field visibility, based on all the projects that the user running the query can see.

NOTE: You should not need to implement this interface, see CustomFieldSearcherClauseHandler instead.

Public Methods

public ClauseContextFactory getClauseContextFactory ()

  • provides a clause context factory that will be used to give the custom field a chance to inspect its values so that it can infer some context based on the value.