public interface


Known Indirect Subclasses

Class Overview

Writes ReplicatedIndexOperations to the database - as this class is called from the finally in the indexManagers you must not throw any exceptions. Log them and return


Public Methods
void deIndexIssues(Set<Issue> issuesToDelete)
void deIndexSharedEntity(SharedEntity entity)
void indexSharedEntity(SharedEntity entity)
void reindexComments(Collection<Comment> comments)
<T extends WithId> void reindexEntity(Collection<T> entities, AffectedIndex index)
void reindexIssues(IssuesIterable issuesIterable, IssueIndexingParams indexingParams)
void reindexProject(Project project)
void reindexWorklogs(Collection<Worklog> worklogs)

Public Methods

public void deIndexIssues (Set<Issue> issuesToDelete)

public void deIndexSharedEntity (SharedEntity entity)

public void indexSharedEntity (SharedEntity entity)

public void reindexComments (Collection<Comment> comments)

public void reindexEntity (Collection<T> entities, AffectedIndex index)

public void reindexIssues (IssuesIterable issuesIterable, IssueIndexingParams indexingParams)

public void reindexProject (Project project)

public void reindexWorklogs (Collection<Worklog> worklogs)