public interface


Known Indirect Subclasses

Class Overview

A factory class for creating locators from FuncTestCase and JIRAWebTest test cases. The idea is to make that test code that much more succinct and hence more readable.


Public Methods
TableCellLocator cell(String tableId, int row, int col)
CssLocator css(String cssSelector)
IdLocator id(String id)
NodeLocator node(Node node)
WebPageLocator page()
TableLocator table(String tableId)
XPathLocator xpath(String xpathExpression)

Public Methods

public TableCellLocator cell (String tableId, int row, int col)

public CssLocator css (String cssSelector)

public IdLocator id (String id)

public NodeLocator node (Node node)

public WebPageLocator page ()

public TableLocator table (String tableId)

public XPathLocator xpath (String xpathExpression)