public class


extends Object
implements ExternalIssue
   ↳ com.atlassian.jira.external.beans.ExternalIssueImpl


Public Constructors
ExternalIssueImpl(String creator)
Creates a new ExternalIssueImpl and sets the immutable creator value;
Public Methods
List<String> getAffectedVersions()
String getAssignee()
Date getCreated()
String getCreator()
String getDescription()
Date getDuedate()
String getEnvironment()
Long getEstimate()
List<ExternalComment> getExternalComments()
List<String> getExternalComponents()
List<ExternalCustomFieldValue> getExternalCustomFieldValues()
ExternalProject getExternalProject()
String getField(String fieldName)
List<String> getFixedVersions()
String getId()
String getIssueType()
String getKey()
Set<Label> getLabels()
String getOldId()
Long getOriginalEstimate()
String getPriority()
String getProject()
String getReporter()
String getResolution()
Date getResolutionDate()
String getSecurityLevel()
String getStatus()
String getSummary()
Long getTimeSpent()
Date getUpdated()
Long getVotes()
void setAffectedVersions(List<String> affectedVersions)
void setAssignee(String assignee)
void setCreated(Date created)
void setDescription(String description)
void setDuedate(Date duedate)
void setEnvironment(String environment)
void setEstimate(Long estimate)
void setExternalComments(List<ExternalComment> externalComments)
void setExternalComponents(List<String> externalComponents)
void setExternalCustomFieldValues(List<ExternalCustomFieldValue> externalCustomFieldValues)
void setExternalProject(ExternalProject externalProject)
void setField(String fieldName, String value)
void setFixedVersions(List<String> fixedVersions)
void setId(String id)
void setIssueType(String issueType)
void setKey(String key)
void setLabels(Set<Label> labels)
void setOldId(String oldId)
void setOriginalEstimate(Long originalEstimate)
void setPriority(String priority)
void setProject(String project)
void setReporter(String reporter)
void setResolution(String resolution)
void setResolutionDate(Date resolutionDate)
void setSecurityLevel(String securityLevel)
void setStatus(String status)
void setSummary(String summary)
void setTimeSpent(Long timeSpent)
void setUpdated(Date updated)
void setVotes(Long votes)
String toString()
Inherited Methods
From class java.lang.Object
From interface com.atlassian.jira.external.beans.ExternalIssue

Public Constructors

public ExternalIssueImpl (String creator)

Creates a new ExternalIssueImpl and sets the immutable creator value;

creator the user key of the user creating the issue - null means the anonymous user

Public Methods

public List<String> getAffectedVersions ()

public String getAssignee ()

public Date getCreated ()

public String getCreator ()

public String getDescription ()

public Date getDuedate ()

public String getEnvironment ()

public Long getEstimate ()

public List<ExternalComment> getExternalComments ()

public List<String> getExternalComponents ()

public List<ExternalCustomFieldValue> getExternalCustomFieldValues ()

public ExternalProject getExternalProject ()

public String getField (String fieldName)

public List<String> getFixedVersions ()

public String getId ()

public String getIssueType ()

public String getKey ()

public Set<Label> getLabels ()

public String getOldId ()

public Long getOriginalEstimate ()

public String getPriority ()

public String getProject ()

public String getReporter ()

public String getResolution ()

public Date getResolutionDate ()

public String getSecurityLevel ()

public String getStatus ()

public String getSummary ()

public Long getTimeSpent ()

public Date getUpdated ()

public Long getVotes ()

public void setAffectedVersions (List<String> affectedVersions)

public void setAssignee (String assignee)

public void setCreated (Date created)

public void setDescription (String description)

public void setDuedate (Date duedate)

public void setEnvironment (String environment)

public void setEstimate (Long estimate)

public void setExternalComments (List<ExternalComment> externalComments)

public void setExternalComponents (List<String> externalComponents)

public void setExternalCustomFieldValues (List<ExternalCustomFieldValue> externalCustomFieldValues)

public void setExternalProject (ExternalProject externalProject)

public void setField (String fieldName, String value)

public void setFixedVersions (List<String> fixedVersions)

public void setId (String id)

public void setIssueType (String issueType)

public void setKey (String key)

public void setLabels (Set<Label> labels)

public void setOldId (String oldId)

public void setOriginalEstimate (Long originalEstimate)

public void setPriority (String priority)

public void setProject (String project)

public void setReporter (String reporter)

public void setResolution (String resolution)

public void setResolutionDate (Date resolutionDate)

public void setSecurityLevel (String securityLevel)

public void setStatus (String status)

public void setSummary (String summary)

public void setTimeSpent (Long timeSpent)

public void setUpdated (Date updated)

public void setVotes (Long votes)

public String toString ()