public static class


extends Select.WhereClauseAwareContext<E>
   ↳ com.atlassian.jira.entity.Select.ExecutableContext<E>
     ↳ com.atlassian.jira.entity.Select.WhereClauseAwareContext<E>
       ↳ com.atlassian.jira.entity.Select.WhereContext<E>

Class Overview

A partially constructed query that may accept .where and .orderBy clauses.

As a readability aid, most .whereX clauses my also be specified with a {.andX} clause after the first one has been specified.


Inherited Fields
From class com.atlassian.jira.entity.Select.ExecutableContext
Public Methods
WhereContext<E> andCondition(EntityCondition condition)
WhereContext<E> andEqual(String field, Long value)
WhereContext<E> andEqual(String field, String value)
WhereContext<E> andLike(String field, String pattern)
OrderByContext<E> orderBy(String... orderByColumns)
Specifies the ordering for the return values.
WhereContext<E> where(String fieldName, EntityOperator operator, Long value)
WhereContext<E> whereCondition(EntityCondition condition)
WhereContext<E> whereEqual(String fieldName, Long value)
WhereContext<E> whereEqual(String fieldName, String value)
Inherited Methods
From class com.atlassian.jira.entity.Select.WhereClauseAwareContext
From class com.atlassian.jira.entity.Select.ExecutableContext
From class java.lang.Object
From interface com.atlassian.jira.entity.SelectQuery

Public Methods

public WhereContext<E> andCondition (EntityCondition condition)

public WhereContext<E> andEqual (String field, Long value)

public WhereContext<E> andEqual (String field, String value)

public WhereContext<E> andLike (String field, String pattern)

public OrderByContext<E> orderBy (String... orderByColumns)

Specifies the ordering for the return values. This is required if you wish to specify a LIMIT for the query, as some databases cannot enumerate the returned rows except in the context of a well defined ordering (and which rows get returned would not be reliable without it, anyway).

orderByColumns one or more columns by which to order the results
  • a partially constructed query. Use .limit to continue building the query or .runWith to complete it by specifying an execution method.

public WhereContext<E> where (String fieldName, EntityOperator operator, Long value)

public WhereContext<E> whereCondition (EntityCondition condition)

public WhereContext<E> whereEqual (String fieldName, Long value)

public WhereContext<E> whereEqual (String fieldName, String value)