public static interface




Public Methods
WhereContext<E> findAll()
E findById(Long id)
WhereEqualContext<E> whereEqual(String fieldName, Long value)
WhereEqualContext<E> whereEqual(String fieldName, String value)
<V> WhereInContext<E> whereIn(String fieldName, Collection<V> values)
Supports IN operator.

Public Methods

public WhereContext<E> findAll ()

public E findById (Long id)

public WhereEqualContext<E> whereEqual (String fieldName, Long value)

public WhereEqualContext<E> whereEqual (String fieldName, String value)

public WhereInContext<E> whereIn (String fieldName, Collection<V> values)

Supports IN operator.

NOTE: No use cases now, but the current design does not allow us to easily mix different types of contexts, e.g., (f1 = v1 and f2 in (v2, v3)).