public class


extends Object
implements PropertyManager
   ↳ com.atlassian.jira.crowd.embedded.NoopPropertyManager

Class Overview

We don't provide any of this functionality. Just need to provide this guy because Crowd Rest Plugin needs an implementation.


Public Constructors
Public Methods
void generateDesEncryptionKey()
boolean getBoolean(String property, boolean defaultValue)
Integer getBuildNumber()
int getCurrentLicenseResourceTotal()
String getDeploymentTitle()
Key getDesEncryptionKey()
String getDomain()
int getInt(String property, int defaultValue)
String getNotificationEmail()
String getProperty(String name)
SMTPServer getSMTPServer()
String getSMTPTemplate()
long getSessionTime()
String getString(String property, String defaultValue)
String getTrustedProxyServers()
boolean isCacheEnabled()
boolean isGzipEnabled()
boolean isIncludeIpAddressInValidationFactors()
boolean isSecureCookie()
boolean isUsingDatabaseTokenStorage()
void removeProperty(String name)
void setBuildNumber(Integer buildNumber)
void setCacheEnabled(boolean enabled)
void setCurrentLicenseResourceTotal(int total)
void setDeploymentTitle(String title)
void setDomain(String domain)
void setGzipEnabled(boolean gzip)
void setIncludeIpAddressInValidationFactors(boolean b)
void setNotificationEmail(String notificationEmail)
void setProperty(String name, String value)
void setSMTPServer(SMTPServer server)
void setSMTPTemplate(String template)
void setSecureCookie(boolean secure)
void setSessionTime(long time)
void setTrustedProxyServers(String proxyServers)
void setUsingDatabaseTokenStorage(boolean usingDatabaseTokenStorage)
Inherited Methods
From class java.lang.Object
From interface

Public Constructors

public NoopPropertyManager ()

Public Methods

public void generateDesEncryptionKey ()

public boolean getBoolean (String property, boolean defaultValue)

public Integer getBuildNumber ()

public int getCurrentLicenseResourceTotal ()

public String getDeploymentTitle ()

public Key getDesEncryptionKey ()

public String getDomain ()

public int getInt (String property, int defaultValue)

public String getNotificationEmail ()

public String getProperty (String name)

public SMTPServer getSMTPServer ()

public String getSMTPTemplate ()

public long getSessionTime ()

public String getString (String property, String defaultValue)

public String getTrustedProxyServers ()

public boolean isCacheEnabled ()

public boolean isGzipEnabled ()

public boolean isIncludeIpAddressInValidationFactors ()

public boolean isSecureCookie ()

public boolean isUsingDatabaseTokenStorage ()

public void removeProperty (String name)

public void setBuildNumber (Integer buildNumber)

public void setCacheEnabled (boolean enabled)

public void setCurrentLicenseResourceTotal (int total)

public void setDeploymentTitle (String title)

public void setDomain (String domain)

public void setGzipEnabled (boolean gzip)

public void setIncludeIpAddressInValidationFactors (boolean b)

public void setNotificationEmail (String notificationEmail)

public void setProperty (String name, String value)

public void setSMTPServer (SMTPServer server)

public void setSMTPTemplate (String template)

public void setSecureCookie (boolean secure)

public void setSessionTime (long time)

public void setTrustedProxyServers (String proxyServers)

public void setUsingDatabaseTokenStorage (boolean usingDatabaseTokenStorage)