public class


extends Object
implements Application
   ↳ com.atlassian.jira.application.JiraApplication

Class Overview

Represents an application defined for JIRA. A JIRA application is exactly the same as a regular application, except that it also has a list of project types defined by it.


Public Constructors
JiraApplication(Application application, Iterable<ProjectType> projectTypes)
Public Methods
DateTime buildDate()
void clearConfiguration()
ApplicationAccess getAccess()
Option<URI> getConfigurationURI()
String getDefaultGroup()
String getDescription()
ApplicationKey getKey()
Option<SingleProductLicenseDetailsView> getLicense()
String getName()
Option<URI> getPostInstallURI()
Option<URI> getPostUpdateURI()
Option<URI> getProductHelpCloudSpaceURI()
Option<URI> getProductHelpServerSpaceURI()
Iterable<ProjectType> getProjectTypes()
String getUserCountDescription(Option<Integer> integers)
String getVersion()
Inherited Methods
From class java.lang.Object
From interface com.atlassian.application.api.Application

Public Constructors

public JiraApplication (Application application, Iterable<ProjectType> projectTypes)

Public Methods

public DateTime buildDate ()

public void clearConfiguration ()

public ApplicationAccess getAccess ()

public Option<URI> getConfigurationURI ()

public String getDefaultGroup ()

public String getDescription ()

public ApplicationKey getKey ()

public Option<SingleProductLicenseDetailsView> getLicense ()

public String getName ()

public Option<URI> getPostInstallURI ()

public Option<URI> getPostUpdateURI ()

public Option<URI> getProductHelpCloudSpaceURI ()

public Option<URI> getProductHelpServerSpaceURI ()

public Iterable<ProjectType> getProjectTypes ()

public String getUserCountDescription (Option<Integer> integers)

public String getVersion ()