FileData This interface is used by SPI users to feed a file to Crucible. 
ImpersonationService Plugins may wish to perform operations as particular users. 
Operation<T, E extends Throwable> Interface for operations carried out by services on behalf of plugins  
ProjectService Provides an API for working with Projects  
RepositoryService Provides an API for working with repositories  
ReviewService Provides an API for working with reviews. 
SearchService Provides an API for searching reviews. 
TrustedAppsService Supports making requests which have trusted application headers authenticating the current user. 
UserService Provides an API for working with Users. 


ReviewService.Action The actions which can be performed on a review, changing its state. 


NotFoundException Thrown by the spi services when a requested entity cannot be located. 
NotPermittedException Raised by the api methods when a user attempts to access a resource he/she has no access. 
PatchAnchorFailedException Thrown when patch cannot be anchored to the repository. 
ServerException Thrown when something unexpected and serious has happened in the Fisheye/Crucible instance