EventCartridgeProcessor General interface for classes that process Velocity event cartridges in some way. 
OutputMimeTypeAwareContext Used by Velocity contexts that are aware of the MIME type that will be generated when merging with templates. 


ChainedVelocityContext Replace the chaining provided by org.apache.velocity.context.AbstractContext because it has broken implementations of containsKey() and getKeys() in Velocity 1.5. 
EventCartridgeProcessingChain Aggregates a set of EventCartridgeProcessors. 
IncorrectHtmlEncodingWarningProcessor Adds a PossibleIncorrectHtmlEncodingEventHandler to a cartridge if such logging is enabled. 
InsertionPolicyCartridgeProcessor Adds the necessary event handlers based on the provided ReferenceInsertionPolicy  
NoOpEventCartridgeProcessor Cartridge processor that does not do anything to the supplied cartridge  
OutputMimeTypeAwareVelocityContext Velocity context that allows tracking of its output destination as a MIME type.