AbstractParameterListQuery<T> Abstract superclass for queries holding a list of parameters of a single type. 
AllQuery Querys for all possible results. 
AttachmentTypeQuery Search for attachments of a particular type or types. 

A boolean query that allows and/or and not combinations of sub queries. 

BoostingQuery A wrapping query that boost the scores provided by the underlying query based on the modification date. 
ContainingContentTypeQuery Search for an entity contained within content of a particular type. 
ContentTypeQuery Search for content of a particular type. 
ContributorQuery Creates a query to find content a user has contributed to (any edit or create is considered a contribution)  
CreatorQuery Query for the original creator of content. 
DateRangeQuery Query for search results that have been modified within the specified range of dates. 
DateRangeQuery.Builder Helps create a DateRangeQuery object  
DateRangeQuery.DateRange Class to represent a date range. 
FileExtensionQuery Search for content with a particular file extension. 
HasPersonalSpaceQuery Search for content belonging to a user who has a personal space. 
InheritedLabelQuery Query for matching a single Label that was inherited from a piece of parent content, for example, searching for comments attached to pages with a certain label  
InSpaceQuery Search for content that occurs within some set of spaces. 
LabelQuery Query for matching a single Label
LastModifierQuery This class is deprecated. since 3.0. Use ContributorQuery instead.  
MacroUsageQuery A search query that finds usages of a macro in a content entity object by the macro name. 
MultiTextFieldQuery Represents a query against multiple fields. 
PermittedSpacesQuery This class is deprecated. since 3.0. Please use SpacePermissionsSearchFilter instead.  
SpaceCategoryQuery Search for content within spaces of a particular category (or categories). 

Represents a query that specifies a prefix to be matched - equivalent to a trailing wildcard search e.g. 


Represents a raw query from the user that may be parsed. 

UserTextQuery Searches for text within common user-related text fields: full name, email address and username