ConfluenceIndexTask An index task that will perform writing to the index. 


AddChangeDocumentIndexTask Responsible for removing and adding a change document for versioned content to the index. 
AddDocumentIndexTask Adds a searchable to the index. 
BaseContentIndexTask This class is deprecated. since 3.0.  
BulkWriteIndexTask Performs a bulk write of the specified write tasks. 
DeleteChangeDocumentsIndexTask Removes all change documents for a particular searchable. 
DeleteDocumentIndexTask Index task that removes a searchable from the index. 
IndexTaskFactory Creates index tasks and provides conversion into queue entries for implementations of IndexTaskQueue  
LuceneConnectionBackedIndexTaskPerformer Performs the index task against Confluence's main/default index (which is managed by ILuceneConnection  
NoOpIndexTask Represents a no operation index task. 
OptimizeIndexTask Optimizes the index. 
RebuildChangeDocumentsIndexTask Responsible for rebuilding all change document(s) for a searchable (removing change documents for all versions of the searchable and then adding them back). 
TempIndexBackedIndexTaskPerformer Performs an index task against temporary indexes managed by TempIndexWriter. 
UnIndexSpaceIndexTask Task to unindex a space. 
UnIndexSpaceIndexTask.SpaceKeyHandle The spaceKey is sufficient to serve as the handle for spaces stored in the index.