AnalyzerFactory Factory that produces an analyzer for "Did You Mean" vocabulary index (and for queries on this index). 


BadSpellingGenerator Class for generating bad spelling data. 
DidYouMeanSearcherInitialisation Configures the searcher to use a customized Similarity class. 
DocumentCreator Each word in the Confluence's "did-you-mean" vocabular is represented as a separate lucene document in the "did-you-mean" index. 
FullIndexBuilder Builder that extracts unique words from the DID_YOU_MEAN_FIELD in Confluence's index and adds them to a did-you-mean index (a separate secondary index). 
IncrementalIndexBuilder Performs an incremental update of the did-you-mean index by adding any new words and removing ones that are no longer used anymore in Confluence content. 
LuceneNGramSuggestionsProvider Class that generates suggestions off an n-gram index of words. 
LuceneSuggestionFrequencyProvider Class that retrieves the frequency of terms inside Confluence's search index. 
LuceneTransposedSuggestionsProvider Class that provides suggestions constructed from a single transposition of supplied words. 
LuceneWordSuggester A service that is responsible for providing search suggestions determined from searching a lucene based index. 
UnstemmedEnglishAnalyzer English analyzer that does a similar job to EnglishAnalyzer but does not break tokens down to their word stems/roots. 
WordFilter Filter that removes any tokens that does not resemble a word.