public interface


implements Labelable
Known Indirect Subclasses

Class Overview

An interface which extends the immutable interface of Labelable with functionality to be able to add and remove labels. This interface is not generally for public consumption, clients should use the LabelManager to add and remove Labels to instances of Labelable.


Public Methods
void addLabelling(Labelling content)
long getId()
List<Labelling> getLabellings()
String getTitle()
boolean isPersistent()
void removeLabelling(Labelling labelling)
Inherited Methods
From interface com.atlassian.confluence.labels.Labelable

Public Methods

public void addLabelling (Labelling content)

public long getId ()

public List<Labelling> getLabellings ()

public String getTitle ()

public boolean isPersistent ()

public void removeLabelling (Labelling labelling)