AttachedImageMarshaller Marshal an EmbeddedImage for an image attached to content, rather than referring to an external resource. 
EmbeddedImageTagWriter Writes out the tag or tags for an EmbeddedImage. 
UnidentifiedAttachmentMarshaller Write out an image tag for an Unidentified Attachment placeholder to an xmlStreamWriter. 


DefaultAttachedImageResourceMarshaller Class to Marshall an image attachment. 
LinkWrappingEmbeddedImageTagWriter Wraps embedded image in a link for the sake of fancybox. 
SimpleEmbeddedImageTagWriter Writes out the tag for an embedded image. 
TestDefaultAttachedImageResourceMarshaller Tests the DefaultAttachedImageResourceMarshaller
TestViewEmbeddedImageResourceMarshaller todo: CONFDEV-5384 The ViewEmbeddedImageResourceMarshaller has been refactored and this test needs to be refactored into integration tests and unit tests appropriately. 
ViewEmbeddedImageTitleWriter Wraps another EmbeddedImageTagWriter and ensures that a title attribute is written if required. 
ViewUnidentifiedAttachmentMarshaller Writes out placeholder images for an unidentified images in view mode.