Class AbstractEditorAwareWebDriverTest

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    public abstract class AbstractEditorAwareWebDriverTest
    extends Object
    The base-base class for Confluence Editor WebDriver tests.

    Makes it easier to run all the tests in the same Confluence editor page sequentially, and unlike the AbstractEditorWebDriverTest it provides the option for subclasses to modify server state before going to the editor; by not having a @BeforeClass-annotated method.

    • Field Detail

      • editorPage

        protected static EditorPage editorPage
      • ignoreRule

        public com.atlassian.webdriver.testing.rule.IgnoreBrowserRule ignoreRule
      • webDriverScreenshotRule

        public com.atlassian.webdriver.testing.rule.WebDriverScreenshotRule webDriverScreenshotRule
      • logPageSourceRule

        public com.atlassian.webdriver.testing.rule.LogPageSourceRule logPageSourceRule
      • cancelAnyAlertClassRule

        public static CancelAnyAlert cancelAnyAlertClassRule
    • Constructor Detail

      • AbstractEditorAwareWebDriverTest

        public AbstractEditorAwareWebDriverTest()
    • Method Detail

      • setupServer

        public static void setupServer()
                                throws IOException
        Creates the common ConfluenceRpc instance and resets server state with common test plugins.

        Intended for use in a subclass's BeforeClass-annotated method.

      • clearContent

        public void clearContent()
      • clearSession

        public static void clearSession()