Class ConfluenceMonitoringMethodInterceptor

  • All Implemented Interfaces:
    org.aopalliance.aop.Advice, org.aopalliance.intercept.Interceptor, org.aopalliance.intercept.MethodInterceptor

    public class ConfluenceMonitoringMethodInterceptor
    extends Object
    implements org.aopalliance.intercept.MethodInterceptor
    A method interceptor that records the execution time of methods. The name of the timer is calculated as the fully qualified class name concatenated with the method name. This resolution does not differentiate between overloaded method names. This limitation is accepted for the simplicity and speed on the implementation.
    • Constructor Detail

      • ConfluenceMonitoringMethodInterceptor

        public ConfluenceMonitoringMethodInterceptor​(String beanName)
    • Method Detail

      • invoke

        public Object invoke​(org.aopalliance.intercept.MethodInvocation invocation)
                      throws Throwable
        Specified by:
        invoke in interface org.aopalliance.intercept.MethodInterceptor