Class AtlassianInstrumentation

    • Constructor Detail

      • AtlassianInstrumentation

        public AtlassianInstrumentation()
    • Method Detail

      • registerFactory

        public static void registerFactory​(AtlassianInstrumentation.AtlasSplitFactory factory)
        Register a factory for use.
        factory - the factory for use. If null, then no factory is registered.
      • unregisterFactory

        public static void unregisterFactory​(AtlassianInstrumentation.AtlasSplitFactory factory)
        Unregister a factory.
        factory - the factory to unregister. If null, then no factory is unregistered.
      • startSplit

        public static AtlassianInstrumentation.AtlasSplit startSplit​(String name)
        Create a started split, using the registered factory. If no factory is registered, then a NOP instance is returned instead.
        name - the name of the timer to associate the split time with.
        an instance for use. Will never be null.