Interface I18NBean

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    public interface I18NBean
    Responsible for fetching internationalised text for a given key.
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        static final String DEFAULT_RESOURCE_BUNDLE
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      • getText

        String getText​(@Nullable String key)
        Get the i18n text for a particular key.
      • getText

        String getText​(@Nullable String key,
                       @Nullable Object[] args)
        Get the i18n text for a particular key, formatted through MessageFormat with the given arguments. Works similarly to ActionSupport.getText(String, java.util.List), but the array form is necessary to work well with Velocity.
        key - the key to retrieve the i18n text for
        args - an array of arguments to be passed in to the MessageFormat.format(java.lang.Object[], java.lang.StringBuffer, java.text.FieldPosition) for this text
        the appropriate i18n text, formatted with the supplied arguments
        See Also:
        ActionSupport.getText(String, java.util.List), MessageFormat
      • getText

        String getText​(Message message)
        Gets the i18n text for the specified message, formatting the message's value and arguments with MessageFormat.
        message - the message to format, containing an i18n key and arguments
        the formatted message
      • getTextStrict

        String getTextStrict​(String i18nKey)
        Needed for text that should not be marked up (for example, values for the 'accessKey' attribute in an input element)
        i18nKey - the key to retrieve localised text for
        text for i18nKey (and excludes markup regardless of settings)
      • getTranslationsForPrefix

        Map<String,​String> getTranslationsForPrefix​(String prefix)
        Gets a map of all keys that start with the given prefix, and their corresponding localised text, suitable for rendering with MessageFormat. It is strongly recommended that plugin developers not use this, as its performance is not guaranteed. Instead, apply translations for specific keys (e.g. via the jsI18n web resource transformer).
      • getUntransformedRawText

        String getUntransformedRawText​(String key)
        Same as getText(String) but does not apply any TranslationTransforms.
        key - the key of the i18n message
        the un-formatted text or the key itself if no i18n message can be found